This week on TCM: Two films with Errol Flynn. “The Adventures of Robin Hood” is a never-to-be repeated classic. Basil Rathbone is outstanding as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham. He is such a perfect foil for Flynn in this movie.

There is so much to add with regard to the great character actors working to make big
Movie stars look like movie stars! Basil Rathbone really came into his own when he played Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the best ever to portray Sherlock on screen. (Stay tuned for next month’s big Sherlock Holmes release with Robert Downey). But when he plays opposite Errol Flynn in this film, one of the great screen pairings is born.

This film has been restored and the difference is striking. The color in Robin Hood is second to none, perhaps rivaling only “The Wizard of Oz” with the beautiful costumes and cinematography.
A note of curious trivia in this film comes when watching Olivia De Haviland ride into Sherwood Forest. She is riding none other than the famous Mr. Ed!

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