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6 Degrees: Best of the Best lists & How to spend your Coronavirus Vacation

6 Degrees WriterHello film fans! It’s hard to believe we have been in lock down mode for over six weeks, and in some cases, people have been staying at home for almost two months. With no real prospects of a hard and fast end date, we are all beginning to look around and get a bit stir crazy at the thought of a summer without all the trappings of summer-beaches and vacations and blockbuster movies.

One of the good things about loving to watch movies is that you can be swept away to another time and place if you get caught up in a gripping plot of a great film.  We recommend some for your bucket list.

6 Degrees of Film Magazine

In the 6 Degrees of Film online magazine, there are lists of the “Best of” to watch out for. Some of the lists have been re-edited and examined by 6 Degrees, so the best of the best makes for shorter lists with even better viewing quality! Check out the lists here:

  • Best sci fi movies of all time: Starting with 2001: A Space Odyssey– it’s the baseline for all sci-fi made since its release in 1968; Alien as a series-with Alien directed by Ridley Scott and the Aliens sequel also with Sigourney Weaver as a series; Inception is one of the most recent sci-fi films with DiCaprio turning it a sci-fi thiller; Metropolis is an early sci-fi by director Fritz Lang, it is a silent from 1927 that is on most critic’s ‘must-see’ list; Sean Connery’s Outland, as well as Bladerunner, also directed by Ridley Scott; Ex Machina is a 2015 sci fi; And no list is complete without the classics of the fifties: The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet

  • Best heist movies of all time: A Fish Called Wanda is a comedic take on heists along with The Pink Panther; there is the first Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise and Donald Sutherland; Kelly’s Heroes had a great ensemble cast led by Clint Eastwood with a WW II spin on the heist movie; The Usual Suspects also had a great ensemble cast; Topkapi from 1964 is a classic, The Ocean’s Eleven original remake with Brad Pitt and George Clooney makes the cut; The Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford; Rififi from 1955 and The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen.

The History of Star Wars

Some other highlight this week in 6 Degrees include Roger Ebert’s site, Ebert.com– featuring the history of Star Wars movies.  Beginning in 1977 with the original Star Wars release, the article chronicles the entire filmography of the Star Wars saga. In the 6 Degrees of Film book, we also include a chapter telling the tale of how Star Wars and Industrial Light & Magic came into being,

What will the future of entertainment look like in ‘the new normal?’ This is a question we ask about all industries, and the Hollywood film industry is one of the hardest to be hit. There are several good pieces in the magazine that speculate about what the film industry might look like when and if it returns to the new normal.

Hopefully, there will still be movie palaces where some of the great films can be seen in their big screen glory. And on a lighter note, we have seen some of the old drive-in theaters experience a re-birth during this time of corona. The summer bad-b’s are perfect to watch in one of these oldies but goodies from the fifties and sixties.

Hollywood’s Not-so-Golden Age

Finally, there’s an article on Buzzfeed about some hard facts regarding Hollywood’s “Golden Age”  The truth is that the Golden Age was golden only on the surface, and there were some truly awful practices in terms of labor vs management and the way women and minorities were ‘managed’ in the past in the film business. Let’s all hope for better days ahead in the new normal of Hollywood.

Meanwhile, stay cool, pick out some good flicks to enjoy in the comfort of your living room and till next time…See you at the movies!-ML

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