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6 Degrees Capsule Review: No Time to Die doesn’t have all the time in the world

The impressions of the new Bond film No Time to Die may depend upon one’s knowledge of the lore and history of the Bond Legacy. James Bond was the creation of Ian Fleming, and many who have read his books will remember one of the lines that is featured prominently in this film: “We have all the time in the world” as a cue to trigger some of the images of Bond as the ghost of Fleming’s past. It may even have been dropping big hints to warn us that George Lazenby might be stepping out of the landscape at some point!

Of course, those who remember will recognize Lazenby as the long notorious “worst Bond ever.” This movie does drop to the lower tiers at many points. But in doing that, it does manage to check off most of the requisite Bond film bullet points.

The Requisite Bond Film Requirements:

  • The Beautiful girls and a long lost love in Vesper-Check
  • The car with all the gadgets-Check
  • Bond/Fleming on vacation in Jamaica-Check
  • The latest in spy gadgetry-Check
  • The remote island complete with mad scientists-Check
  • The scheme to annihilate mankind-Check and double check

Even an appearance by Blofeld is thrown in for good measure. You put them all together to stir into the perfect Bond Martini!

There is a lot thrown in. But the film is structured more along the lines of a dark Swedish psychodrama with a smattering of SMERSH to give it a nice twist. The Pandemic seems to have put a damper on this Daniel Craig/Bond swan song. The mood is grim and it doesn’t have a touch of lightness that is sorely needed for most of these outlandish Bond superhero/spy outings.

Let’s hope the new Bond may emerge with a different type of formulaic approach that doesn’t seem to be too predictable and yet starts with a different mold. It’s time for something different. And we really don’t have all the time in the world to know

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