6 Degrees: Five Favorites from the year past -2021

(With a little help from one of my favorite films- The Sound of Music)

Here are a few of my favorite things…

 Raindrops on roses and words that are written

 Gluten free foods and by books I am smitten

  Finding a new world that lives in my brain

These are a few of my favorite things….

 When the muse shrieks!

 When the dog screams…

 When I’m feeling bad.  

 I simply remember five favorite things….

Here are some of my favorite things from 2021. We all know there were plenty of bad things happening in the last two years. We have had political strife, COVID to deal with, and a changing world. But there have been good things too. And we just need to remember the balance in life, as nothing takes place in a vacuum!

The following list contains some favorite things that have happened to me in 2021. The connections that I have made with people would have to be one of the big pluses that I’ve experienced. In setting up a new business site, I’ve met interesting people and heard new ideas that have kept me engaged and focused and eager to start each new day. For instance…

                Brown Bag Organics

Number One: Things like expanding Brown Bag Organics

I started the Brown Bag business about 20 years ago and it has morphed into a blog post and an online magazine with around 2000 followers. So this has been a successful reincarnation for the original model. Now we are expanding the website to include Green Resources and also a Green Buz section. My favorite thing is being able to share my own personal story and tie that in with Brown Bag Organics…

Number Two: Things like The Monday Muse each week in your inbox!

Each week, we send e-mails with a new mantra and action steps to use in planning a week of motivation filled with promise and energy. Personally, I often turn to the mantra as a guide.  I’m also mindful of the action steps that have been set up to help motivate us throughout the week.

My favorite thing? It’s the work that I have done for over twenty years, working with churches and non-profits. That work has tied me in to the Monday Muse and  The Growing Group. It has helped me to create this self-esteem model to help others. And as a Life Coach, I can now focus on being a Self-Esteem coach for new friends and those who want to take the Growing Group journey with me!

Number Three: Things like The 6 Degree Vignettes...

Each month there are different topics that are trending and current, and also personal, that all come together to create the vignettes.  As we look for laughter and guidance, and some balance of both each month, the vignettes serve as a short break. They are designed to help you relate to some of the crazy things we hear about and read each month! My favorite thing is to be able to use my writing background to create something new each month…Sign up and join us to read the vignettes & so much more at 6 Degrees!

Number Four:  Things like Dogs &  Doggie in the Window magazine

For those of us who love our pets, the dog is the thing that completes our life and helps to make us feel whole again at the end of the day. My favorite thing is to combine my passion and life-long love for dogs with the 6 Degrees website. Join us to read more about the general health and welfare, and the personal stories, from those of us who love our four-legged friends.

Number Five: Things like 6 Degrees of Film @the Movies each week!

Many of you know about my love of film and especially classic movies. That’s why the 6 Degrees of Film posts are more than just labors of love; they are crafted each week to offer a chance to find something to love about films and movies and story-telling in general. It’s been a dream of a lifetime to combine my love of movies with my passion for writing in order to create something different. Join us for the monthly round-up post on 6 Degrees, and the weekly posts on Facebook that will keep you up-to-date on all things great and small that we love @the Movies!

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