6 Degrees is Giving Back: Five Favorite Things for December

Holidays are a special time. They are a magical time for so many. And it can also be a wonderful time to reflect and look back on the things that have happened throughout the year. Holidays are also a time to heal.  When we have experienced loss and have grown in spirit and survived, we can find there is time to heal and to think about plans to move forward.

The 6 Degrees theme for December is Giving Back. There are so many ways we can give. Not just with the presents under a Christmas tree, but with our presence to help friends to celebrate and to heal. We can give back by helping communities through giving our time and money; and to help organizations and small businesses that may be struggling to survive.

Number One: Freaky Friday Freebies: Giving back to Faithful Followers

This month and every month we begin with a place for everyone to find something that may interest or excite or both! Our Freebies range from the downloadable Self Esteem Journal and quiz to the Vision Book and Growing Group program that offers calendars and goodies to discover all through the year! Christmas is a good time to do something for yourself as well as for other people. We can give back when we feel we are loved and can love ourselves in return!

Number Two: Vignettes that Give Back to our Readers

The Vignettes are the new entries that we have been excited to introduce! The Vignettes are monthly stories we can all relate to. They are mundane musings as well as writing about current trends to focus on and to comment about with friends. Each month, 6 Degrees will give back some funny stories and trending tales to connect with all who follow along at 6 Degrees.

This month, we are featuring Advent Tales each Sunday. Click here to see the first week in Advent story: “Crossing the Stream” and sign up for weekly tales to be sent straight to your inbox!

Number Three: Green Resources: Giving Back to the Community

Brown Bag Green Resources

6 Degrees is rolling out Brown Bag Organics and we continue to launch goodies that you can use. The Gluten Freebies are there for those of us who eat Gluten-Free. And the Brown Bag Organics Green Resource page is part of the website that gives you up to  date places to go for organic and green or environmentally-friendly products to know about.

This month, December 13th is “Green Monday” so we are planning to roll out more goodies each month at Brown Bag Organics. We are giving back to the planet when we use more of these eco-green products. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Number Four: Tis the Season for Gifts! …Gifts that give back

The Gift Guide is available at 6 Degrees. And we are offering more ways to give back. For those who love books, we have suggestions for several great steals. And don’t forget the practical gift of calendars. Download the Self-Esteem Calendar for yourself. Give the gift that helps guide you through each day and month of the year. And the Freebies are great gift ideas for those who are on a budget these days.

Number Five: Merry Christmas from 6 Degrees!

What a wonderful time I’ve had learning more about friends and people who have helped and inspired me through the year. COVID has been with us for a while now, but I know we are all going to make it as we find ways to help each other.

This month, I am looking at all the days that will give me help and inspiration and creativity:

December Calendar of Events

Thursday December  2nd is National Mutt Day: Abby is my designer dog (but she’s really a mutt at heart!)

Friday December 3rd is Freaky Friday Freebie Day! Check out our Facebook Ad and celebrate gift-giving from the heart with our Gift Guide!

Monday December 13th is Green Monday: We talked about how the Brown Bag Organics page will celebrate being ‘green’ with a Green Resource page to find information and references about living green…

Friday December 17th is National Underdog Day. The character of “Underdog” (the cartoon) has always held a special place in my heart. I celebrate all the underdogs out there. Never underestimate the power of the underdog!

Tuesday December 21st is National Homeless Persons Remembrance Day: We are putting the Blessings Book & Kindness Book Bundle out on this day for all to download as special reminders of how much we can give to others and how many ways we can help those who are in need.

Wednesday Dec 22nd is National Cookie Exchange Day: The Gluten Freebies Page will give you a guide to some great cookies that taste good and are also gluten-free! Check it out!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, fulfilling and Happy New Year from those who are helpers here at 6 Degrees to the 6 Degrees Writer-Lil’ ol’ Me!

Giving Back at 6 Degrees

Week 1:  We are celebrating our local ministries and non-profits who have been guiding lights for us in our community. You can celebrate them wherever you live!

Week 2: International Volunteer Day and the Birthday of UNICEF: Celebrate those who volunteer at NGO’s and think of ways to give to organizations that may have benefited your family and friends in the past. And think of ways to volunteer.  Your local churches will have great ideas and places to sign up!

Week 3: Think of family and neighbors: Give back to those who may be without loved ones during the Holidays. Those who have lost someone dear to them may love to hear from you; or just drop them a line. It doesn’t have to be there by Christmas Day-but you can make a difference any time of year!

Week 4: Give back to yourself and your family. Take a break, relax, enjoy your family-time together and reflect on the year past. Give yourself a hug and pat on the back. You made it through another year! Yay! Celebrate yourself and think of the special meaning of this Holiday Season. Love is all around you at this time of year.

Seasons Greetings from 6 Degrees- Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

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