6 Degrees News: April 2010: Books about Film

Some of the 6 Degrees of Film ideas directly link the films of the present with films of the past. But other degrees link the ever-evolving IDEA of film with the future of media and movie-making. Two books about Hollywood are highly recommended for all 6 Degree followers: One book that speaks to this is a new book about the real “Hollywood numbers”. “The Hollywood Economist”, by Edward Jay Epstein chronicles the interesting fact that box-office profits are a marginal amount of the vast money-making machine of Hollywood. The REAL profits are found in deals for DVR’s and overseas distribution plus the marketing rights for blockbuster film products. It’s a dirty little secret about modern-moviemaking.

The other book is “Hellraisers” about the hard-drinking and sometimes darkly comic lives of four of Hollywood’s great actors of the latter part of the twentieth century.
Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton, Richard Harris & Oliver Reed are chronicled in this book. Peter O’Toole is a particular favorite in 6 Degrees films so this is a must-read for all film buffs!

Nothing really jumps out in terms of New Releases this month other than “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.
Movie fanatics (one step of obsessive-compulsive from movie BUFFS) take note: This month Turner Classic features Gene Kelly’s famous dance with the cartoon mouse in MGM Parade (set to TIVO as its shown sporadically throughout the month). One of the great character actors, Patrick McGoohan (star of the classic “The Prisoner” series), stars in “The Quare Fellow” on April 10th.
Those who love comedy will love the unforgettable scene where Cary Grant smash-faces Katherine Hepburn in “The Philadelphia Story”.
Bad B Alert! Looks like “Reveille with Beverly” & Eve Knew Her Apples” rival “Hot Tub Time Machine” for the honor of best/worst film titles. (Followers of the blog can pick from the list of our favorite Bad-B’s of all time! On the last day of April, TCM will show “Beach Blanket Bingo” PLUS a William Shatner film from 1965 so the “deliciously awful” hits just keep on coming!

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