6 Degrees of Film: June Round Up!

For the post-Oscars and post-Pandemic film season, Hollywood is more hopeful now than at any time in the past year. There are signs that people are willing and eager to return to movie theaters.

Cannes Film Festival

The upcoming Cannes Film Festival for 2021 is going to feature a mix of some remote and some in-person viewings of the latest premiers to debut at the festival. Cannes will open an 11 day festival running in July from July 6 through the 17th. Annette is a musical with a singing Adam Driver!The French Dispatch is the tenth film from director Wes Anderson, and Isabelle Huppert  stars in a comeback film from director Paul Verhoeven about a lesbian nun- Benedetta.

TCM in June: Armchair Film Fest Fans!

This month on Turner Classics, there are a couple of recommended recording sessions for our Armchair Film Fest Fans. Jane Austen is showing the first weekend with Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion among the best of Ms. Austen’s adaptations to be brought to the screen.

Later this month, the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, is featured in a marathon of his classics, with showings of The Birds, Psycho, Marnie, and a recommended record for Torn Curtain with Paul Newman.

The Pioneers of #MeToo are also featured, including Anne Sheridan in I was a Male War Bride with Cary Grant and Eleanor Parker in Many Rivers to Cross. Definitely recommended for a younger generation of women looking for affirmative and empowered role models from the Golden Age of Film!

6 Degrees of Film Magazine this week…

This week in 6 Degrees of Film Magazine,  we began the summer season kick off with our annual 6 Degrees Summer Film News! For the Friday Flix, this week there’s a piece looking at the ‘hidden meaning’ in Stanley Kubrick’s films. Film Comment has an archival post on Federico Fellini and his work. Plus Film Comment also featured an interview with Jack Nicholson from the archives shortly after he starred in “Prizzi’s Honor.

There are film reviews of Cruella, A Quiet Place Part II and The Conjuring: The Devil Made me do it. And finally, Ebert.com looks back at the best horror movies from 2020. All this and more are in this week’s 6 Degrees of Film Magazine!

That’s all for now, fellow film fans, so stay tuned for more upcoming film news throughout the summer and till then, stay cool and see you at the movies…ML

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