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6 Degrees of Film will take you on a short trip through the history of the movies. You will learn more about the connections between the films of the past and the films of today. 6 Degrees of Film blog has been reviewing films and recommending must-see movies for over ten years. The 6 Degrees of Film magazine on Flipboard is a weekly check-in for movie fans of all ages! Join us!

My Grandmother's Shakespeare

Features Short Stories and essays from the 6 Degrees Writer!

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6 Degrees Products

6 Degrees is now offering our 6 Degrees of Film T-Shirt with our signature Logo…as well as Mugs & Totes for the Film Buff in your life!

On Sale now: $21.00!

Our Doggie in the Window Tote! $18.50

PC Cooks!

Palma Ceia Cooks! Features recipes from South Tampa

The Kindness Booklet

Need to add a little more kindness to your life? Download the Kindness Booklet here!

The Growing Group

The Growing Group Package features Monday Mojo delivered to your mailbox to jumpstart your week! The 6 Weeks/6 Ways to Healthier Self Esteem workbook will guide you on your journey of discovery….along with special bonus features like your monthly Self-Esteem Calendar, your Birthday Bonus for you and friends…and a special Vision Board workshop feature as well as Quarterly Check-ins and an exclusive membership to our Facebook Growing Group! Join us Today!

Frequently asked questions

Healthy Self Esteem is defined by each individual who can bring confidence to their day-to-day interactions with others and also keep the ability to know their own strengths and weaknesses.
The Growing Group package is more than just a Motivational guide. The weekly email is a motivational tool for each week, along with the 6 Weeks/6 Ways Workbook for Healthy Self-Esteem to start you on your journey. The power of positive thinking is not just a trite phrase! The monthly Self-Esteem Calendar and quarterly check-in tools also keep you motivated throughout the course of the year!
The Growing Group package is recommended to those who are looking for spiritual guidance, and those who are in transition, either in their personal lives or their careers. It’s a great way to help keep you motivated if you are looking for a new job or if you are looking for ways to seek motivation for a new venture or even a new relationship.
You may spend a few dollars for an inexpensive tool that costs much more and offers the same amount or less value in the long run. But there are ways to introduce yourself to the Growing Group each month that don’t cost a thing! Our website features the Monday Mojo, as well as the Facebook page, to get you started on your journey. The six days/six ways will also offer an introduction to some of the tools you need… compliments of the 6DegreesWriter group!
Yes! It’s proven as a method through the same tried and true practice that promoted “The Power of Positive Thinking” many years ago! But the main beneficiaries have been the people who were initiated into “Monday Mojo.” They are a core group of believers in ‘The Growing Group” family, as well as the 6DegreesWriter.
The 6DegreesWriter offers many more exciting and transformational products.  Contact Us

6 Days/6 Ways - Start Today!

Sign up for our 6 Days/6 Ways to Healthy Self Esteem and begin the journey today!

The Kindness Booklet

Need to add a little more kindness to your life? Download the Kindness Booklet here!

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