6 Degrees Vignettes: A Holly Jolly Christmas Thought?

Can we have a “Solutions Show” for our problems?

  For this year, the celebration of the Fourth of July was a bit of a mixed bag.  The reason being that so many are predicting that well… there may not be another Fourth where we celebrate Freedom! And that is on both sides of the political aisle… I do think that the advent of 24-hour news cycles and the Internet Twittersphere has hurt our chances to really come together about any one thing.

But it’s one of those things that we can never prove. We can’t go back. The toothpaste is out of the tube and the Genie is out of the bottle. I love these metaphors, but where do they lead us? One thing I have noted is the problem with problems is that people love to pontificate on lots of dire problems. And yet, I have never heard of the “Solutions Show” where they put experts on the panel to just SOLVE the problems. All we ever hear about is MORE problems!

 As God Wills…A Holly Jolly Christmas Thought

… back to the illness… There’s a point when talking does no good. It will be what it will. “As God Wills” is the thought. So that is how it should be. From experience, I’ve found that people will lose interest in you if your ailment is the most interesting thing you can come up with to write or talk about.

And so today is Marketing Day. I have so much backed up from the illness layover that it seems like another month needs to be built in as ‘Makeup Month.” Talking about getting ready for the holidays makes me want to lose my lunch. And that is not a Holly Jolly Christmas thought!

Marketing Line: “You don’t want to buy anything from me, do you?”

They say people want information. It all hearkens back to Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman. Remember the pitch?  It’s so Easy! But I can only think, as I always do, about my own lackadaisical Marketing skills. The title of my new book should be: “You don’t want to buy this from ME, do you?” It’s the sequel to the Groucho Marx line: “I don’t want to be a member of any establishment that would allow someone like ME to become a member of their club!”

That being said, my marketing skills are at best, questionable.

That is one reason it’s hard to have a business. Selling things means selling yourself. I’ve often said my opening pitch would be: “ Let’s make this clear up front!…You are not going to want to invest in this, are you?”

Zig Ziglar I’m not

That is why the Zig Ziglar idea of pitching yourself and throwing yourself with gusto and zeal into that sales pitch is not my bag. But the idea of waiting is one that has always made sense to me. I am naturally cautious & I think many people are. Not to rush out and buy a car or house you will live with many years is a good thing. I have been happy with cars and houses I’ve bought!

Don’t give up the ship…(For at least five years!?)

Don’t give up is always good advice. But then my business coach says you may be looking at a Five-year time frame. While one should always persevere, the way things look at the moment tells me this. Online sales do not seem to be the sort of career where one can just spring into action with immediate and overnight success. So I’m thinking of starting a newsletter. The opening line? You guessed it…You don’t want this, do you?…

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