6 Degrees Vignettes: At Christmas, the proof of what is not seen…

Now Faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen’

Hebrews 11:1

At this Christmas season, we spend much time rereading our favorite passages that reveal the story of Christmas as we celebrate Christ’s birth and his rebirth each year into our lives.

The Reality of what we hope for…


This passage from Hebrews is a reflection on what one of the major components of our faith reveals. We live in a world where hope is sometimes a commodity that is not often used or expressed. And without concrete evidence as proof, we are lost when we look at logical problems that are solved in a court of law or in business. We cannot simply ‘hope for a better outcome’ when a hard-nosed and cold reality demands we must have evidence we can see and touch.

But in our own lives, we use faith to guide us for the proof of ‘what is not seen.’ We cannot see love that is expressed for us by children or by our loved ones. We know that it is there, and the reality for us is those things we hope to receive in return. The love that is hoped for, the care and the guidance we need each day is something that is not seen but felt.

Hope in the Night Sky


And at the Christmas season, we search for hope in the night sky. Looking at the Christmas star gives us hope for things we feel but we cannot see. We hope for a better life for everyone, and we hope for guidance in our own lives. The proof is what we feel in our hearts. And it is what we celebrate when we hear the stories of everyday miracles from those who are Good Samaritans. It is the reality we hope for and what we are searching for in our Faith.

Reading the Christmas Story is another affirmation of our faith that we need to retell and to revere each time we hear it. The story tells us of the world and things unchanging. It tells us of the miracle of birth,  and the kindness and at times the cruelty of humans who hold power. It reveals the mystery of nature and the heavens.  And finally, it brings us the gift of hope.  It is that hope and promise that we feel and carry in our hearts each year when we see the Christ Child and think of his mission of love and hope and Peace on Earth.

God is our Guide to paths unknown in Life-

From Life Coach/ Christ Coach


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