6 Degrees Vignettes: Bringing your “A” Game…

In writing the vignettes, it’s almost like the old Art Linkletter show that only really old people remember. Kids say the darnedest things. Turns out all of us do when we just let it rip and aren’t hindered by things like society and correctness and grammar.

So that is why the vignettes are from un-edited snippets that have evolved into the short ‘blurbs’ that blast out each month as the vignettes. Some of it is lining for the birdcage and trash can, and others are the supposed ‘darlings’ that my writing mentor would implore me to please kill!

But they are not as bad, in my opinion, as the unedited blurbs that first erupt from my unfettered psychotic ID. This month, I have been wrestling with these gems:

Message to Garcia: Bring your “A” Game

Today is one of those days where you just have to come to terms with what it is. And sometimes, the day can be a lousy one. Or as my old boss used to say when things went south real fast:  It is what it is!

The mantra for this week was helpful. It was about “Bringing creative imagination to your spiritual life.” I think that means it’s good to concentrate on meditation practice to help with all this goop. If people are struggling, we count our blessings and try to bring all that we have to bear to the present situation. And finally,  bringing your ‘A” game is the best solution to try and be the best you can be every day.

That “A” game reference came from the funny story that I heard about Prince Harry when he met Meghan Markle. He saw her and realized, “I need to bring my “A” game to this one!” In other words, being the “Prince” wasn’t going to be enough to impress her. And he had to reach inside himself, to be authentic and the person he knew he could be, in order to win the ‘fair maiden’ in his quest!

It’s hard at times to be on your ‘A” game. When you get older, it becomes even harder. It’s hard when you feel your body has let you down. Maybe the way to see it is your body is sending a message: Message to Garcia- Slow down! You move too fast. Or it could be just this, “ Hey! I’m getting older; take better care of me.”  Or it could just be as simple as this: I don’t feel good so please gimme a break!

But anyway, I do like the concept of bringing your “A” game to all that you do. It’s for those times when you may be thinking that all is not lost and at this point, you need to pour your ‘all’ into whatever it is you are doing.  And when you want something bad enough, you need to step up your game.


The Triumph of the Will…Revisited

 I think when someone does something new with art, they are also naked and exposed. But as they create something new, they are saying to the world: “So what, I don’t care. And underneath that is the message of  “ Look at this! You SHOULD care!”

Not that we don’t care about anything, but this thing that is created by an artist is no less important than the world you have been seeing every day. It’s the here and now of the artistic world that is the Triumph of the Soul, not the will.

The Triumph of the Will in all of us probably should come about as an internal thing.  It may be something like an extra appendage or organ to carry around. It is when we see the old footage of all these dead bodies spilling out of an oven in Germany that the idea of a triumphant will becomes as unpalatable as the worm that has turned. The thought for me is this:  We are still seeing these old frames and still questioning why.

Sometimes there is no why, but the point is that we can question the act itself. That is still the point. Not good, nor bad, but still having the question to ask may tell us a lot about ourselves…

We have used this Triumph of the Will argument in a lot of unrelated thoughts and schemes. But it really has nothing to do with a triumph of the will. If you are determined to lose weight, or change your lifestyle, that is seen as a Triumph of the Will.


The Real Triumph of the Will



It is not the idea that people may prevail as a super-race. We are not the master race or a super race but instead an ever-changing and ever-evolving race of people. That is the Triumph of the Will. To be able to triumph over the hatred and bigotry and superstition and prejudice that we see. That is the real triumph.

I think the people like Leni Riefenstahl that made the film about “The Triumph of the Will” missed the point. When Jesse Owens defeated the Nazi regime and became the fastest man in the world during the 1936 Olympic games, it proved a point.  He did triumph over the Nazi way of thinking, long before a shot was fired. That was a real triumph of the will!

 Whatever Happened to the Flying Cars?

Futuristic Flying Car

But that’s another story. It’s a story I tell on the 21st century page, which is another Facebook page that I try to ‘manage’ in social media. It reminds me of all the things we are told that were going to come to pass when we started living in “The Future.” I also edit a magazine about the future.  And one of the biggest advancements now is in batteries. It’s fairly boring, but it’s the wave of the future. We thought we’d be flying around in the air in the 21st Century, didn’t we?

Well, we are living in the 21st Century now, and the futurists will tell us we are way behind the curve. We were supposed to have flying cars by now…Whatever happened to the Jetsons and the Flying Cars? We were sidetracked by pride & prejudice I believe, but perhaps even more than prejudice, we were sidetracked by our own hubris-our pride.

There is a film I saw from the Philco company in about the eighth grade. It showed a very cool looking car and a home in the world of tomorrow. The family was very nice-looking.

The mother and father and son were the modular family and the ideal models for a family unit. But there was something wrong with this whole setup. Mom was June Cleaver rolled into June Lockhart for the 21st Century.

She made dinner as Dad was in his Star Trek hub. Their only child, a boy, was a mischievous child learning on the room of computers from the fifties.

There was no poverty, no black people, no diversity of any kind. The people were rich and privileged and the music was kind of quasi-artistic with a little John Cage vibe.

The world they conceived as “The Future” was a history written by rich white guys who lived in a bubble. That is the history of the world in a nutshell. We are all victims of the ideas of history that were thrown at us on “The Jetsons.” That may be one reason why we don’t have any flying cars!

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