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My Love affair with VIP!

I’ve often had love affairs with words. One of them was from the old Stephen Colbert opening when he was on the Comedy Channel: It was “Grippy!” Colbert was on this Dana Carvey Comedy Show with Steve Carell and I used to be haunted by the fact that I was the only one who thought that show was hilariously funny! Now these people are famous and acknowledged and it validates my instincts for comedy in some quiet way. It doesn’t have to be shouted from rooftops but I can say this: I know funny when I see it!

And the other love affair with words is for Dorothy Parker and her great vocabulary. There is Robert Benchley and James Thurber as well. All had great love affairs with words… And I, in turn, have this continuing flirtation with their creative displays and the lovely playful word feasts they have created. (Never a simple ‘word salad’ for these artists!)

My newest love affair with words comes from an old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie where Hudson saw the V.I.P designation and decided to make up a company called “VIP” And it’s like “Zudz!” or some fifties style brand that is just hilariously funny and teeming with meaning and onomatopoeia!… To my mind, VIP! embodies this great McGuffin of undertones for all the things we think are out there like widgets and prototypes and templates for items that are creative ideas and thoughts that never take flight! Instead…They VIP!


On the Randomness of Words: Felicitous

Felicitous is thus defined: It’s an adjective most often used in formal speech and writing to describe something that is very well expressed or suited for some purpose or situation. It can also be used as a synonym for pleasant or delightful.

Perhaps we know that it’s NOT the thing we hear most often these days simply because…there is not a lot of pleasant and delightful things to tell others about the news or present day world when we hear about modern life.

A better idea instead might be to learn to re-orient and re-acquaint ourselves with news that is pleasant and delightful! And then-we need to know when to express our thoughts in a pleasant and well-suited manner.

It sounds like a very old-fashioned type of wish for a very ultra-modern world where courtesy and manners and grace are somehow unknown quantities. And it’s also a sad fact of modern life.



The Random Bible Verse

‘You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?’ Matthew 5:13

This almost seems to be a joke or a parody as random verses go. The salt of the earth I have never heard questioned in this manner. It also teaches us that the meaning is sometimes lost as we hear about those good ol’ ‘salt of the earth’ types and never question the meaning from whence the phrase came!

Further reading tells us this: You are not JUST the salt of the Earth but the Light of the World. And I suppose it means you shouldn’t hide that light under a bushel. Salt can be ruined and thrown out, but if you let your light shine before others, and they see your good works, you may become as a beacon of light and a shining example to the whole world!


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