A need for Kindness in our Lives

                         Kindness in our lives

Some of the words that are thrown about these days include a need for civility, for simple kindness and more tolerance of our fellow citizens. We acknowledge the need we have for kindness in our lives. There seems to be something almost patently obvious and overly simplistic when we talk about being kind to one another.

After all, we tell our children to be kind as a rule. And we know when we hear someone being rude, there is often the admonition of, “Now that’s not a very nice thing to say!” Or at least, we used to hear that kind of talk. Nowadays, as the song says: “Anything Goes!” We hear a lot of not only loose talk, but some colorful language and downright nasty words and gestures thrown in for good measure.

Most people in the workplace and in civilized society do not behave with this level of animosity and rudeness. But we know it exists. And of course, we’ve all been mad enough to feel the need to curse and we’ve all lost our tempers and said or done things we regret. That is part of the human condition.

The Need to Forgive Ourselves

So the need perhaps exists first and foremost, is to forgive ourselves and others for just being human. We are all in this boat together, and we are all going to lose it once in a while. So there is the need to simply forgive the act of being human. And the person we can easily start with is ourselves.

Once we establish that, we can then move on the other parts of being kind. There are some things that are patently obvious. But then, we use reminders for all sorts of things in our lives.  There are grocery lists, to-do lists, work project lists, goal-setting lists, and it goes on. So why not begin to set some reminders in life for the act of adding kindness to your daily routine?

Easy steps to Kindness

The list is something that can be comprised of the simplest of items. It could be as simple as starting the day with a funny story that we’ve heard, to pass along to someone. We can email or write something encouraging to those who are going through a rough week. We can use sticky notes for encouraging messages to spouses and kids. We can always text something funny to friends and relatives.

These are the easy things we can build in to the schedule that will help everyone right now. And those little things can mean a lot to someone over the course of a day or a week.  We can include ourselves in that list also, with small moments where we can encourage ourselves and hit pause, think of times where we succeeded and achieved something good in our lives. Those are the things that will help us through each day and are a good starting point to bring more kindness into our lives.

The ripple effect occurs when others give us some measure of comfort when we need help and encouragement. There is always a need to add kindness to our lives. When we figure out the small steps and ways that will help others, we may find that what we have given will return to us tenfold.

If you feel a need for some kindness in your own life, download our Kindness Booklet today!

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