Brown Bag Tip Sheet

Brown Bag Tip Sheet

For the month of June, the product search in Brown Bag Organics has led us to several deals that are usually found in Amazon! (Affiliate Link, yes😊) The Brown Bag Tip sheet searches for the best products from items that we’ve used or had very good feedback from in recent months. This month the best deals includes the following:

Body Lotions & why you need to add them to your weekly beauty routine

We have often associated body lotion with those too-sweet liquids that our grandmothers would use. Or the lotions would arrive in packages where they end up in the drawer or waste can, unused. But body lotions are essential to wellness routines when we know when and where to use them. After bathing, the areas of dry skin are ready for a healing lotion to absorb into some of the driest patches of skin on our bodies. Use them sparingly and they last for well over 6 months…

Body Lotions: The best deals come from Desert Essence. Amazon lists a 2 pack for around $14.69-which is great as these make wonderful gifts!

Essential Oils & why they are Essential!

There’s a reason these oils are called Essential. When we simply use them occasionally and let them lie dormant in the bathroom drawer or storage closet, they can become stale. But if the oils are used as part of a beauty and cleansing routine that you faithfully administer each day and night, the oils are the base ingredients you need for softer skin, younger skin, and for healthier complexions.

Another vital use for oils: Cleaning the house. Recently, I was quoted well over $1000.00 for a ‘deep clean’ of our old home where we had an infestation of rodents. Instead of taking up the offer, I immediately thought: “Deep clean?…Heck, I can buy enough green products and find some really good cleaning formulas that will do the job for probably less than $100.00! And I did! So the addition of the existing products that are in your home now (Simple staples such as white vinegar, Castile soap with water), plus the oils you can start to collect and assemble to be used for air quality (Diffuser), for cleaning formulas and for anti-aging formula (See our anti-aging formula online!), will keep you going for a long time. “Brown Bag” it and do it yourself and you can save thousands….

• Oils: There is a Rose Hip Seed oil from Mountain Top for under $9.00! Oils are some of the things that we recommend everyone should keep in stock. They are great for general health and healing as well as anti-aging tools!

Anti-Aging: It’s not just for “old broads’ anymore!…

As we have often posted on Brown Bag, one of the main reasons that Brown Bag Organics was created was to be able to offer suggestions and product referrals for items that cost hundreds of dollars less than what is normally spent on women’s facial creams and serums.
My own mother, 95 years old, had been using a cream for her nightly routine that routinely cost between $20 to $30.00. And she would spend that for less than two months of product use. Which meant that her average cost per year ($25.00 x 6 months) was around $150.00. That is not as much as so many of the products that we hear about from high-end companies that tout special serums and formulas for younger skin. However, the most cost-effective lotion or serum is one that can save a little or a lot of money for those who would rather spend more for a variety of quality products for skin. And the bottom line is this. The result is much smoother and much softer and younger skin for less money. The organic products can also be higher quality at lower cost. And that is the advantage in anti-aging formulas from Brown Bag!
• Anti-Aging: A Collagen Serum from Reviva is one of the best formulas around that doesn’t cost a fortune. Amazon has it for about $14.15.

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The Gift Corner: Brown Bag Recommends:

Recommended Products: Uncle Bud’s is one that has some unique items such as the Hemp Face Mask and for gifting; the best deal is the facial mask set of Hemp products for only $19….

• Mad Hippie! Always some of the best bets for organic products, Mad Hippie has a Nutrient Mist for $16.12 this month. The Face cream for $20.79 is also recommended from positive reviews!

We are always looking for ways to save money on organic products! Please check out Brown Bag Organics magazine online at Flipboard.  And visit our new webpage at Bag Organics!

Happy hunting for all who visit us and you are cordially invited to sign up for The Monday Muse for some inspiration and motivation to kick start your weekly routine-ML at 6 Degrees

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