Capsule review for Surrogates

Overall, this movie was disappointing. The idea is interesting. It’s the same basic idea as the Matrix where virtual reality is taking over the “real” world and surrogates are the ones who actually act out the fantasy of living everyday life.

The idea is a good one but it doesn’t ever take off. They never go anywhere with it and the actors such as James Cromwell (from Babe and LA Confidential) are wasted in their parts.

Bruce Willis has a few funny lines but the plot just doesn’t pick up the pace and we’re left wondering if this is an action-adventure film, a thriller, a sci-fi commentary or something else. It is definitely bland if it’s meant to be any of the afore-mentioned things.

Can’t say I would recommend this to any but the most die-hard (no pun intended) Bruce Willis fans or sci-fi buffs.

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