Capsule Review: Law Abiding Citizen

This latest offering to come down the pike brings back memories of the old “Death Wish” series with Charles Bronson. Here is a vigilante movie made for our time. Which speaks very ill of the times we live in. Mainly because there is so little that is new here and the six-degrees element of sameness in this film makes for a disjointed mish-mash of ideas from the production all the way through to the direction and execution in this film project. My thoughts were basically why did they make this movie where we cannot root for any one person and there is no hero or anti-hero worth caring about?

This film is one where the dialogue was so inane at one point it became laughable when the mayor was talking facetiously about handing out guns to the meter-maids to stop the crime spree. I agree with most of the film critics who have reviewed this. The movie seems pointless and there ain’t much more to be said about it.

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