Capsule Review: Non-Stop

Liam Neeson 2014The generous critique will allow the plot is implausible. The more hardened critic will simply dismiss this film as a non-starter. There’s ample reason for this. This is not a memorable film.
But Liam Neeson always manages to pull something out of the wreckage (not even trying for a pun here). In the rather confusing final scenes of the film, Neeson manages to act in a way true to his vulnerable yet hardened character once again and project his acting chops into the scene.
Nowhere has Stallone or Schwarzenegger, Eastwood or Bruce Willis been able to transpose this softer and more vulnerable caricature onto their standard action-hero model. But with Neeson, the melding is effortless. He has managed to inject a sense of moral duty and higher realm of existential hopelessness into most of his boiler-plate action hero models.
In this case, it’s not quite enough to make sense of a senseless plot. However, there is some method to the madness when watching Neeson act that seems to be missing in so many of the action heroes these days. There lies the difference.

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