Five Favorite Things

For April: Five Favorite Things!

April is not really the cruelest month…but it’s been given a bad rap by T.S Eliot! It’s one of the transitional months that we find from time to time may give us pause as we get further and further into the year and start to say things like, “I can’t believe it’s already time for so and so or whatever!”…. That’s the nature of time. We don’t have enough time and we get TOO much information flooding in on most days! (See my latest Blurb Blog on Substack!) So it’s hard to know where to look at times….Some of the favorite things for April have been laid out and it’s hard to narrow it down to just five! Here are five favorites for April Number One is World Health Day on Sunday, April 7th World Health Day marks a time when we celebrate advancements made in medicine and in health care, and also the notion that health care is what makes us live longer and feel better in this 21st Century World we live in! Brown Bag Organics is our magazine that gives us updates and tips for aging well and living longer. Please visit the magazine on Flipboard and our page on Facebook as well! Number Two is National Pet Day on Thursday, April 11th Pets are seen by those of us who love them as natural extensions of our family. We can’t imagine live without our fur friends. And for those who are without pets currently, we may remember fondly a pet that we grew up with. Yes, there are some among us who consider animals to be burdensome and dirty and just a nuisance or an added expense.  But they are not the majority! Because those of us who love our cats and dogs will always appreciate the joy they bring and the extra dimension they add to our everyday lives. Even those who don’t have pets will concede how much love is bestowed by family and friends on those fur bundles that we love as if they are our children. And the wonderful thing is this-that love is given back twofold by our sweet pets! We can celebrate the day by giving a hug to our own pets, and acknowledging the joy they bring to so many. Number Three is World Art Day on Monday, April 15th World Art Day is a chance to celebrate the great works of art that we all know and have come to appreciate through the years. But also, we can take a step back and know that art is something that we live with and help to contribute to in experiencing the world around us. Modern Art even allows us to participate with projects such as the late artist Christo, who wrapped a bright pink color in the waters that surround us here in Tampa Bay. Take a chance to visit an art gallery and make a point of pausing for a moment in your busy life to just take in a work of art that may move you or inspire you!   Number Four is Earth Day on Monday April 22nd Earth Day has become a celebration that is global in scope and is a day to remember all the days of the year. Our slogan here at Brown Bag Organics is: “Every day is Earth Day at Brown Bag Organics!” We know that we have just one planet, one fragile blue spinning orb that we call Earth. And we have to learn to care for her, to celebrate her beauty and the unique and fragile ecosystem that we are duty-bound to protect and preserve! Celebrate Earth Day with us as we continue to enhance our knowledge through our Eco-Green Resource list and find new ways to honor and protect our home on Mother Earth!   Number Five is World Book Day on Tuesday, April 23rd World Book Day is not just another day for writers and book lovers! We are celebrating particularly this year with the idea that books are made to be celebrated and read and discussed and not banned! The list of recommended reads for us includes those books that come from our friends at CSPAN. And though many find it boring, CSPAN offers BookTV, an entire channel where new authors discuss their latest books and there are book festivals and conventions also seen and featured each week. Your local library is another place where, far from being a boring and stuffy place, there are community events and reading rooms and children’s reading events that take place as well as classes and workshops. Films and audio tapes are available as well as books at a well-stocked local library. Remember to support your local library and librarian too, as we celebrate books on World Book Day! Number Five TIE! The 23rd is also National Shakespeare Day! Since publishing “My Grandmother’s Shakespeare’ a decade ago, I have naturally taken every opportunity to celebrate Shakespeare in our lives! My short story talked about the many Shakespeare books my grandmother had collected as she was the parliamentarian for the local Shakespeare Club in her community. And I have added to the collection, as well as keeping a list of the best Shakespeare films that have been adapted to the screen as I began to write about films in later years. So all of these things give us even more reason to celebrate how William Shakespeare still has made himself a relevant influencer in our 21st Century World! For the month of April, that brings us to the end of the ‘happenings’ for the time being! Stay tuned as we keep looking for more upcoming events each month here at 6 Degrees!  Enjoy yourselves this April! Some other 6 Degrees Blog Posts you might enjoy! Spiritual Guideposts March @the Movies! Books I have Loved!

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Five March Favorites from 6 Degrees!

  The Ides of March are almost upon us! And instead of being wary, we are anticipating the need to celebrate with a month that is packed full of different events and celebrations that give us all a good excuse to experience fun and happiness! We are celebrating Women’s History Month all month long here at 6 Degrees…& that starts with the Flipboard magazine: “A Century of Women’ where we have learned so much about the very impressive lineup of females who have made a difference in the past and continue to work every day to improve our lives! Hug your Dog Day is a shoo-in for those of us who don’t need an excuse to love our furry best friends…And we see reminders for ways to be kinder to each other with the National Good Samaritan Day and the International Day of Happiness! St Patrick’s Day is always a good time to celebrate as an honorary Irishman or woman…Finally, Easter rounds out the month. It’s coming early this year and with it comes the idea of Spring and all the wonderful things that it entails! Happy March to all my Friends from 6 Degrees!   Here’s some Favorites for March:   Number One: Women’s History Month all month long! International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th. And we have been celebrating women at “A Century of Women’ and discovering each month the vast array of women who have contributed -sometimes in the background-to some of the most significant historical events in history! For example, the “Hidden Figures’ film tells the story of the group of African-American women who worked tirelessly to give us the mathematical figures that helped America land on the moon! And if not for singer Mahalia Jackson reminding Martin Luther King to “Tell them about the Dream, Martin!” we may not have been given one of the most famous quotations in history!   Number Two is a Tie! Sunday March 10th is “Hug Your Dog” Day! This is always an easy one for those of us who just can’t get enough of our best friends! And we have an online site “My Dog Journal” on Facebook, as well as “Doggie in the Window’ on Flipboard, to fill us in on the latest news for the health and well-being of our beloved pets!   Number Two: Oscars Night on Sunday, March 10th! 6 Degrees of Film is celebrating our “10 Years of 6 Degrees’ with an “Oscar News’ Newsletter that helps to make sense of the different categories and nominees for 2024. 6 Degrees of Film is also the name of our online magazine and the monthly newsletter…We are inviting all of our Film Fans to join us each month!   Number Three is “Good Samaritan” Day on Wednesday, March 13th   For all of the different articles being written about how ‘polarized’ we are, there is an equal number of stories that tell of people who reach out to give back and help others every day. So that is why it’s important for us to have reminders that the “Good Samaritan’ Parable is not just a nice story. We can all use more kindness every day of our lives!   Number Four is St Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th!   St. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and laughter and joy. There are parades and events for all those who are Irish and those who are simply “Honorary Irish” for the day!   Number Five is Wednesday, March 20th: International Day of Happiness! We can all use a message of love and happiness. Easter is just around the corner, and it comes early this month with another message of forgiveness and redemption and salvation. So to keep us grounded and focused on those things that are important in our lives, it’s a good time to celebrate the notion of what is embedded in our own Constitution: The lifelong ‘Pursuit of Happiness!” Join us at The Growing Group each week to learn more about ways to keep that pursuit grounded in reality and focused on what works best for you… Here’s a few 6 Degrees Posts you might have missed!   *On Mind/Body Wellness… *Growing Group Round-Up *Five Favorites for February!

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Five Favorite Things for February!

Just going through the list for February tells the tale! It’s a short month that leaves a long trail! This year, Mardi Gras is back-to-back with Valentine’s Day and that means Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent too! Have you ever noticed at times that you seem to have weeks that drag along and then there are times when everything happens everywhere all at once!?… It was the same when I worked in retail years ago. At the department stores, people would not come in & the time would just seem to stand still. It would be slow, and all of a sudden everyone would just swarm the counters all at one time! It must be some quirk of human behavior that I just don’t ‘get!”…Anyhow…there’s a lot packed in to just one little month!:) Some favorite things for February   Number One: Black History Month This month, I’m making a point to feature some of the lesser-known tales of black women who paved the way for all of us living in the here and now! I have spotlighted them in our “6 Degrees of History” & “A Century of Women” magazines, with heroines like Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. But not all of these ladies were well-known to the public. Remember the “Hidden Figures’ story of how the black women who were relegated to the back rooms at NASA were instrumental in helping our country make it to the moon!?   Number Two is Super Bowl Sunday Even if you don’t have a team in this fight, it’s always fun to see the roll-out of new commercials and films as we look for places to get-together with friends and just relax! We usually have Cuban Sandwiches at our house (it’s a Tampa ‘thing!”) for the big game, but just to mix it up, we are going to try some Philly Cheese Steaks this time around . Number Three is Mardi Gras Although I haven’t been to the actual New Orleans parade of parties in over two decades, I still like to celebrate that day with beads and maybe a festive dip or appetizer to help keep that party feeling rolling along…   Number Four: Valentine’s Day It’s a special time if you want to go out to dinner with your ‘significant other,’ but even if you are a single person, you can celebrate with friends and have a special dinner on Valentine’s. I have an entire site dedicated to romance on Flipboard: “A Little Romance.” I wasn’t quite sure how it would grow, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the romance genre. And knowing my niece has a best-selling book in Fantasy Romance reminds me that the romance section of the book store is always hopping with customers…. And in addition to that, I have been a huge fan not only of Jane Austen, but also Georgette Heyer, for many years. Heyer has some stories that are so funny and full of detail about the Victorian era of England. Plus they are wildly entertaining. That’s why I cannot believe that Hollywood has not been swarming around her plots as they did with Ms Austen’s!   Number Five: Random Acts of Kindness I love this concept, because as we in The Growing Group know, it is always a good idea to remind ourselves that we should be kinder to one another (as well as to ourselves!) This special day is just a great time to reinforce that notion of random kindness. (And we really need to have it sticky-taped to our fridge!)_  

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Five Favorite Things for August

It’s always hard to believe how fast the months in the year go by. The time always seems to just fly by at breakneck speed in the summer…and during the Holiday Season (I know that is a dreaded phrase to hear as it fast approaches!!) I have had lots of projects planned and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all done! The month of August is offering up so many exciting opportunities for those of us who love books, and dogs, and new beginnings! 6 Degrees is offering some different ways to explore and discover new things as we enjoy the last full month of summer. And we are starting to look forward to the things that are just around the corner in the Fall! Here’s hoping all have been enjoying a slower pace, spending time with friends and family, and taking some time to unwind and to just sit and breathe. Sometimes ‘stay-cations’ are the best ones to plan!   Number One: August 7th: National Friendship Day The special relationship that we have with those who have been our friends for years, and with those who are special friends tied to us through bonds of church or school or family are the ones we need to celebrate. The old adage: “Make new friends, keep the old, One is silver while the other is gold” is more than just a sentimental saying. It is true that we need to nourish and to strengthen the bonds with our friends through the years. If you haven’t called or written or been in touch with a good friend or friends you think of often-today is a good day to do it! (Number Two is a Tie!) National Book Lovers Day; Tues Aug 9th  This month, we are starting off the month right with a celebration of books and those who love to read them!  We are celebrating some of the books that are on sale at Amazon, and at Goodreads and Bookbub. Our magazine, 6 Degrees Writer Favorites, will guide you to the best-selling books of the season and the ones people are reading in the year of our Lord, 2022! (Of course, we have a link to the 6 Degrees SHOP page too😊) *Number Two: National Spoil Your Dog Day: Wed Aug 10 * We declared a tie here as this is Dog Appreciation MONTH as well as National Dog Day later in August!  If anyone knows me, they will do a double take because every day is Spoil your Dog Day here at 6 Degrees! I have enjoyed the “Doggie in the Window” magazine and expanding the pages to My Dog Journal as well as the Facebook page online. There are so many good tips about ways to care for your puppy or your senior dog to keep them in optimum health. But mainly, I love to read the stories of those who love their dogs and the rescue dogs who were once sad and lonely and the pictures and videos of the dogs romping and playing and loving and enjoying life are the most heart-warming for those of us who are such suckers for dogs who need rescuing and those of us who know they also rescue US! Number Three: National Vinyl Record Day is Friday, August 12 This is one that is part of the nostalgia bandwagon that we Americans love! There has been a revival of Vinyl Records and those who love the sound and quality they bring to music will appreciate this day…I had a friend with a room full of equipment that is just itching for this kind of a music revival, I’m sure! My collection includes some vintage Buddy Holly Recordings and my Mother has records that go back to Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams…Plus the showtunes that date back to the fifties and sixties. Some of the songs and sounds on these old vinyls are amazing! Number Four: National Dog Day is Friday, August 26 August is National Dog Appreciation month, and we can relate. Not only do we have a Facebook site and a website, we also offer an album for those who have lost their fur friends and would like to download their pictures and memories… The pictures of my Abby shown here are found on a Mug and a Tote as well as T-Shirt! We are offering these items for those who would like to put their favorite pooch on a mug or a tote too! (*Visit our SHOP page for details) Number Five is Women’s Equality Day on Sunday, August 28th For those who are interested in learning more about the history of women’s equality and the state of women globally, we invite you to read “A Century of Women,’ the online magazine that will bring a better understanding of the struggles that women still face and some of the exciting advances all females have made in the past century. And if you would like to raise your voice and be heard, we also offer Totes, Journals and T-shirts with our “ A Century of Women” banner and the slogan: “We are not going back!” Shop our site to order one or more for the special women you know! That’s all folks, for August but the time flies by and we have so many wonderful events and new products that are coming this Fall. Stay tuned and have a wonderful month! And you are invited to check out: Vignettes- The Best of Vignettes & Stories from 6 Degrees 6 Degrees Essays on Facebook Links for My Dog Journal & 6 Degrees Writer Shop Now at 6 Degrees! (ETSY shop for 6 Degrees is Coming Soon!)

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Five Favorite Things for July!

For July, 6 Degrees is emphasizing the idea of relaxation. And finding the time to re-group and to vacate your usual routines and relax is vital. That is the importance of having vacations, even if they are only for a short weekend! This month, we are celebrating summer and that includes vacations and finding the time to read a good book (visit our site and Facebook page for good recommendations!). The importance of family and spending time with family and friends is one of the best parts of making holiday plans. Here’s hoping all of our friends and extended family that follows 6 Degrees is ready to have a wonderful vacation time!  Number One: Celebrating Summer & the Fourth of July!   On the fourth of July, we have been looking back at past vacations with family and friends. And some of the best beach pictures and mountain vacations are remembered on Facebook posts and Social Media shares with friends. Here’s a link to 6 Degrees Writer, where we start the month with just sharing some special memories of past times spent in wonderful ways…. **Don’t forget that 6 Degrees of Film features our Friday Flix film reviews (including July movie premieres!), each week on Facebook!   Number Two: Thursday, July 7th is Global Forgiveness Day We must keep reminding ourselves that when we practice forgiveness, we should include ourselves in the process! Chances are you are like most of us, and that means being harder on Yourself than on anyone else! Write yourself a Lifetime Pass of Forgiveness, and join us at The Growing Group! We have just begun a new series of exercises that start each Monday with an Inspirational Mantra in your inbox. That includes a short list of weekly motivational exercises to begin the week right! We are now offering the Growing Group Journal also, for those who would like to begin journaling as a daily practice….   Number Three: Tuesday July 12th is National Simplicity Day   Simplicity can continue our idea of relaxation by striving to live simply and to stress less! My own commitment means I am going to work to throw things away and downsize! When I get stressed from all of the lovely “junk” I’ve accumulated through a lifetime, I am going to practice deep breathing and then go to Brown Bag Organics. Our online magazine and Facebook page offer hints and tips for those who want to live simply, to embrace a natural life-style, and to find easy ways to de-stress.   Number Four: World Listening Day on Monday July 18th/Seneca Falls is July 19th   These two days combine Two of my Favorite Things…I believe somehow that the concept of listening more to others and then celebrating all the women who worked tirelessly for the vote can go hand in hand!   In keeping with the idea of reducing stress, breathing deeply, and finding ways to relax, we know those things are in direct contrast to the news we see on our TV screens each day.  However, in finding ways to listen to the other side, and working to find solutions and ways to compromise and accept those things we know we cannot change, we will find that listening does help.   And, to celebrate 100 years of the women’s vote, 6 Degrees created the magazine “A Century of Women.” Our motto is: “We are not going back” and that means that we must listen and  then move forward to find progress and solutions to 21st Century problems! Join us and visit the site to see our new products that include T-Shirts, Totes and Mugs with “We are not going back” as our tag line.   Number Five: Saturday July 23rd is “Gorgeous Grandma” Day Celebrate all the women in your life and family who are gorgeous grandmothers! We have a winner here at 6 Degrees…Susan is my sister-in-law and she is a tireless and proud Grandma as well as a simply gorgeous lady! Send your pictures to us at 6 Degrees and nominate someone you know to win a tote celebrating the strong women in your life: “We are not going back!” …. We are excited each month to roll out new opportunities to connect with you! Join us on the website or online at 6 Degrees and visit some of our new pages: Brown Bag Organics and My Dog Journal are just two!

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Five Favorite Things in May!

The month of May is here. Hard to believe how quickly the months go by! And in May, we are looking at celebrations to kick off the month. Cinco de Mayo is in week one of May, and from there we celebrate Mother’s Day as well as the kickoff to summer on Memorial Day weekend! The theme for 6 Degrees website in May is “Celebrate your Inner Muse!” There’s lots to do and lots to celebrate this month… Number One: National Day of Prayer (& Cinco de Mayo!) Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, is a day that usually means celebrating with food. (See Number Five for food ideas!) But it’s also the National Day of Prayer…. For those who would like to offer a special prayer, there are several sites to visit. The church where you worship locally will probably have a link, as well as these we offer: Creation Justice Presbyterian USA Women’s Guide to Prayer Unity Church Number Two: Mother’s Day is May 8th Mother’s Day is May 8th this year. Mother’s Day is a time when some people are scrambling to find last minute gifts that will please a special Mom who always does so much for us! Here are some suggestions. We are now offering our own 6 Degree product ideas as well. Amazon Links:  Amazon offers a wide range of beauty & health products and other accessories for Moms 6 Degrees Shop: 6 Degrees is now offering personal gifts ranging from T-Shirts for film lovers, for Brown Bag Environmentalists, and for Dog-Moms! Also Totes with pictures of your pooch, for naturalists, and Journals for Moms to write in with beautiful covers from art and covering a range of film or Art Deco and Futurist Themes! Fair Trade:  We are excited to offer some Fair Trade Products with links provided here and for the upcoming Fair Trade Day on May 14th! Number Three: Fair Trade Day– is May 14th plus gifts to help Ukraine!  Fair Trade Day is May 14. Here is a new area where we are excited to offer some ideas that will help those in need as well as….For those who are interested in finding ways to help Ukraine and its people we also offer links: On Amazon: There are a variety of products that are offered through Amazon with Fair Trade Labels Brown Bag Shop Recommends: Top rated Ukraine Relief Organizations Number Four International Museum Day is Wed May 18th! Those who know me know that museums are a place I often go to for inspiration and ideas. It’s a perfect place to unwind and ‘celebrate your inner muse!” Here’s the link to the piece I wrote on “Museums I have Known.” Since the pandemic, I’ve not been able to get my ‘fix’ so I’m planning on visiting a couple of shows that are in my region this spring and summer. And I always urge folks to try and see some museum show that you can visit in your area, at least a couple of times a year. There are all types of museums for different tastes, for railroad enthusiasts, for photography buffs, for Native American Art lovers and even museums for sports fanatics! One friend was very excited about the new Bob Dylan museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places! (Who knew!?) Number Five:  Memorial Day weekend & National Creativity Day    Here’s a thought. Find your creative muse and celebrate your newfound joie de vivre all weekend long! Memorial Day weekend is the official start of summer in America, and we are always ready to celebrate with local specialties and great seasonal food…. May 30th is also National Creativity Day, so keep the celebration going with a picnic or museum visit! If you need any ideas, head to our GF Writers Cooking Journal for new recipes each week and beautiful photos that are guaranteed to whet your appetite! Here’s some links that will help you as you kick off the summer with good food, great books and articles to read, and even more food for thought! Sunday Reads on Facebook/ Recommended reads at The Blurb Blog 6 Degrees Vignettes: Sign up for your monthly Vignettes in your Inbox 6 Degrees Film Round up; Each month on 6 Degrees; each week on FB Brown Bag Organics: The Brown Bag Tip Sheet with Green Resources! Your Gift Guide: For Mother’s Day & Birthdays-All Occasion Gifts!

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Five Favorite Things for April!

We should really start off with April Fools Day! April Fools is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s tailor made for those of us who are inclined to not take ourselves too seriously…And last month we honored those funny people we love most on “Let’s Laugh” Day. The theme for April is Green Shoots and Simple Abundance. This month, as with every month, it’s hard to narrow it down to just five favorites…but here goes: Number One: Library Week & Book Day! April 4th – 10th In April, we are kicking off the month at 6 Degrees thinking of books. Those books we love the most, and the ones that we never have enough time to read! On the website, there are 6 Degrees books of course, but also the books from Reverend Philip Lee. Reverend Lee wrote the much revered authoritative book on the Christian Right: “Against the Protestant Gnostics.” Another Canadian author and environmentalist is Philip Lee Jr. His newest acclaimed book is “Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River” There’s a  friend from my Church days, Sarah M. Bonnema, who has written a fantastic children’s book called “The Color of God.”  And there are some books offered from my mentor, Gretchen Rubin, who writes about happiness in “The Happiness Project” and also has a best-seller called “The Four Tendencies.” Oprah, of course, has her famous book club, and Gretchen Rubin does recommend a list of books to read on her site. We have started The Sunday Reads at 6 Degrees, and it features monthly book recommendations, but also a list of articles and long reads that are diverse and interesting as well as topical!   Number Two: World Health Day April 7th World Health Day is a time when we remind ourselves of the resolutions that we were going to make or the ways we were going to try and eat more veggies! So the new Brown Bag Series of Posts will help remind you that we can’t always be perfect, but it pays to stay informed, especially as we are all trying to find a balance of the new ‘normal’ in a post-COVID world!   Number Three: National Pet Day is April 11th I had a good friend who would tell me that every day was National Pet Day at our houses, because we loved our dogs so much! No matter what kind of pet you have, we celebrate them all…This month, we are most excited about the new Facebook page: My Dog Journal, and the website page offering a chance to send us pictures of your favorite pups to highlight on Tee-Shirts, on Mugs, on Totes or even on your Journal. We also offer a Pet Memorial Album, to download for sharing pictures of your beloved pooch that has traveled over the Rainbow Bridge. Here’s a link to the origins of that familiar phrase we pet owners use to acknowledge when our animals are ready to cross over to the other side.   Number Four: Easter Sunday is April 17th Easter Sunday is April 17th this year, and each week we have discussed in our Lent series a few topics that tie in to our Easter theme this year of Simple Abundance.  Not only do we suggest simple ways to become more mindful of what we eat, but also the things that we need to focus on in our everyday lives. They are the Green Shoots that give us hope and make us grateful for all the abundance we have here in America.   Number Five: April 22nd is Earth Day at Brown Bag Organics That brings us to Earth Day! This year, not only are we excited about the Brown Bag Organics tie -ins, with Green Resources and Carbon Footprint trackers, but also the Earth Day Products we can enjoy! Those practical items that will help us  be not only mindful of our planet, but also offer solutions as well as statements of how we plan to act in our everyday lives.   April is a time for grace and celebration, for fun and laughter as well as family and fellowship. In other words, we will enjoy the times we gather together as well as those times when we work and plan and look forward to the good times yet to come!   Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, all my friends who follow us at 6 Degrees. We are always planning new adventures here and look forward to hearing from all of you… Like and follow us on Facebook at 6 Degrees Writer and now at Brown Bag Organics and 6 Degrees of Film pages.   Don’t forget to download some fun Freebies like your 2022 Mini Planner and Self Esteem Journal. And check out the Earth Day line from Brown Bag Organics….Tee-Shirts/ Mugs/ Totes & Journals!   “Tell me what you pay attention to & I will tell you who you are”-Jose Ortega y Gasset   Check it out: Sunday Reads on Facebook Vignettes : April is Pale Fawn Fluff & The Serenity Prayer for the not-so Serene 6 Degrees of Film Round up: Monthly Film news and weekly updates on FB Lent Series: Brown Bag Organics Facebook Page My Dog Journal on Facebook

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Five Favorite Things for March!

The month of March is filled with fun and happiness. 6 Degrees website is celebrating all month long with ways to “Find your Laughing Place.”  Our Irish heritage is able to sync with the fun and spirit of Mardi Gras as we begin the month on Fat Tuesday, March 1st this year! We will continue the party with friends & family who have always loved celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This year, the fun begins on Wednesday, March 16th (My Mom’s birthday!)….and we continue the celebration on Thursday, March 17th the “official’ St. Patrick’s Day Holiday!. Here are the dates and some more of our favorite things in March to count down the many ways to find your own personal laughing place! Number One: Mardi Gras! Tuesday, March 1st begins the month right with Mardi Gras! Celebrating the spirit and energy that is unleashed each year in the city of New Orleans, we will be following along on Facebook, so join us at 6 Degrees Writer…And remember to sign up for our Lent series each Sunday: Spiritual Signs of Spring. Number Two: Hug your Dog Day  Hug your Dog Day is Thursday, March 10th. And of course, we hug our special pooches every day we can! This is an exciting new page and special Facebook page for 6 Degrees also. We will feature the downloadable Memorial Journal, for those of us who remember and never forget our friends who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And along with our monthly magazine, “Doggie in the Window,” our new products page will also have a special place for mugs & T-shirts & Totes that our personalized with pictures of your favorite Fido! After all, our dogs are always the gateways to find our true laughing place!   Number Three: Let’s Laugh! National Let’s Laugh Day is Saturday, March 19th. I don’t know about you, but some of the best things in life for me are those moments when I can laugh with friends and think of the good times we’ve shared.   The International Day of Happiness is also celebrated that day! So let’s remember to laugh and celebrate…and join us on Facebook and Social Media as we are looking for stories about some of the funniest women you know in your life (I have some doozies!). Of course there are funny men and women…but we are honoring women this month with National Women’s Month too!   Number Four: Mindfulness comes with World Water Day World Water Day is Tuesday, March 22nd. Brown Bag Organics will be launching our special page dedicated to celebrating our abundance of water. One of our many blessings living in a country with so many abundant things is our land, with water as a precious commodity to be shared and conserved!   Number Five: The Oscars are here! Sunday March 27th It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for those of us who celebrate film and love all the trappings that go with the Oscar Presentation! At 6 Degrees of Film, it’s hard to believe our book is nine years old this year! And the blog posts we present monthly of film round-ups, plus our weekly Facebook posts and the E-book of “The 100” are all a part of the ongoing celebration of film! Check out our new products pages where you can order special T-shirts, mugs & totes with 6 Degrees of Film logos as well as those featuring some of your favorite movie posters and stars from the past! And don’t forget to sign up for the latest in film right here… I am remembering that old poem that goes something like, “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” (Robert Louis Stevenson) And though we all face trials and tribulations in our lives, there are some moments that need to be carved out to celebrate and enjoy and simply have fun and laugh! Here is hoping that March brings many such days to your doorstep, friends, and that you will look for more ways to find your “laughing place!”   “Part with self-conceit, for it is impossible for anyone to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows”– Epictetus

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