On my 65th Birthday…To the girl I once was…

**Originally published in September of 2023  Writing to a girl I once knew…the “me’ that was 16 years old… Dear Friend, I got this idea to write to you after seeing a woman I admire write a letter similar to this as part of her MasterClass. So this is a way of just telling a story-a story of my life and how it works out-to you, a young girl who is so passionate and afraid and emotional.   I had always wanted to find this magic formula to know when I was going to be ‘all grown up!” And that moment never arrives…there is no real cut-off point to tell you when things are going to change for you. Some people are born with an’old soul.’ You can see it and hear it in their voices and just feel their wisdom exuding from every pore of their being. They are comfortable in their own skin and they know what they want and they work hard to get it. Those characters are surprisingly rare.   You were not born with an ‘old soul’ You have a vulnerability that is both touching and worrisome. You will find wisdom later in the words of your parents that you didn’t know existed at the time. And you will be hurt by some, and you will have moments of great joy and happiness in your life. That is all just a part of life and you will endure.   But it’s never going to be easy, and things don’t turn out the way you think they might. And that is not a bad thing! You will find that the road you’ve paved for yourself is often the road not taken by others. That is a perilous and sometimes a lonely journey for you.   But you will also find that forging courage and steeling yourself for challenges you face is one of the triumphs for the things you endure. We all face roads of uncertainty in our lives. But you will be able to weather the storm later in life by having come through the fires at some point.   None of this is going to change who you are. You will find that you may even bring comfort to others as they grow older and face challenges. That is the triumph of the will. But just know that you must keep as your lodestar the factor of love in your life. Don’t give up on people and things that cause you pain or sorrow at some point.   In the end, you will triumph as a better person. You will become a stronger person with the will to endure.  The stronger the spirit of a person that shines through, in my opinion, will indicate the greatest chance for happiness and joy as they grow older. You will know some people who possess great wisdom already. Seek them out and cherish all the moments of your life when you are at peace. Never stop learning in your life!   And know you will be a better person for it in the end. From that young girl who is 16, looking in a mirror and wishing she was someone else who was smarter and prettier and funnier…that is the person you are becoming and the woman you will be someday. Cherish your life and embrace the happiness you find along the way.   Nothing will change in the facts of your life because I have written to you. But I would love to impart the things I know now that I wish I knew then. I can say that your driving desire to write will never be extinguished. And you will fulfill that lifelong dream of being a writer and an Author. That is not the beginning and the end of your dreams, but life’s will and desires may become a self-fulfilling prophesy. You had a strong desire and your dreams came true…   Like Cinderella, that doesn’t mean that ‘happy-ever-after’ comes with it! You will need to persevere and not think about giving up. Too often, that has been your own self-fulfilling prophecy of doom. I think I CAN”T and I WON”T and I never DO! Your dreams will take a lot of courage to see them through. And life is never easy for most of us. It means we always struggle and we work hard to try and find success.   Success is something that you will redefine often during the course of your life and your career. And in the end, when so many of your dreams have come true, you will come to the realization that you have been able to succeed in the end in spite of your own insecurities and fear of failure.   You will even find a code of honor in that term: “Grand Failures!” It is one of the things you write about in life. And in the end, nothing is a sure thing other than the fact that you need to face your fears and own your own failings and weaknesses. At the end of the day,, the stronger spirit will prevail. In the end, you can be assured that your own life has been a life worth living. And you have lived to tell the tale!

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Five Favorites for January from 6 Degrees!

Happy New Year to all! This year is one where there is so much happening (Everything…everywhere…all at once!), & it seems we are starting with a bang right out of the gate! This first week is about the resolutions that are always sort of a ritual we all know. We start off with the best of intentions but…life catches up with us and well…it kind of falls flat by that second month! We have been working on that in “The Growing Group’ by just ‘reframing’ the notion of starting off big and ending with a whimper. Just to begin this month, we are all taking a step back and looking at our “Life Audit’ notes and the journaling notes from last year. It can help us decide where to begin and when is the best time to start making those plans for all of the things we envision in our future life! Number One Favorite! New Resolutions for a New Year! A good idea:  Make a list of the most Realistic Resolutions and your Goals to work on…The key word here is “ Baby Steps.”  Just keep adding the small steps each month to take to make your long-term goals, your dreams & visions come true!   Number Two: Celebrating the Mind/Body Wellness Connection! The second favorite is focusing on the Mind/ Body Wellness Connection…which is officially on January 3rd.  (But we have extended our resolution for this to every day of the year!!!) Our Growing Group has focused a great deal on the links between taking care of your physical health and your own mental health in concert with the other things you do to stay healthy. Eating right and staying fit are important elements for a sound body. But making sure you have mental health breaks, a plan in place for times when you are under stress and need to talk and ‘vent’ with someone are all just as vital for your long-term health plans! Number Three: Gluten-Free Day! The Third Favorite is on January 15th– Gluten Free Day. I have a lot of recipes in the PC Cooks cookbook that just happen to be Gluten-Free. But the best place to pick up new ideas is online at our Strictly Gluten Free Magazine on Flipboard! Personally, I’ve eaten Gluten Free for almost 30 years (Long before it was a ‘thing!) So it’s nice to see so many different ideas and recipes on how to cook and live gluten-free-both online and in current cookbooks. Number Four: The Hunt For Happiness Week! Number Four is about Happiness…The Hunt for Happiness Week is a good time to begin your own journey to ‘up the game’ in your quest for greater happiness. Gretchen Rubin has a best-selling book, The Happiness Project’ and Oprah has a book out too: “Build the Life You Want”. Our own “Growing Group’ is the best place to start your journey for happiness. You will find weekly self-guided exercises and motivation each Monday to strt yor week off on the right note. And from there, you are not required to journal, but it’s suggested you begtin to keep a personal file or notebook for your own individual markers and challenges to keep you on track. More energy and motivation, inspiring stories and verse, new ideas and tips to help you raise you” “EQ” (Your Emotional Intelligence), are just part of the tools you will find when you join us at The Growing Group each week! Number Five: Celebrating Life! Finally, the Fifth Favorite thing is the Celebration of Life Day on Monday the 22nds of January. It coincides with Roe v Wade Day, and to me, there really isn’t a controversy to see here. We celebrate life, diversity, different opinions and viewpoints, but above all, we celebrate life.  And that includes the rights and freedoms that we all share and probably take for granted at times! So that is why it’s not a shocking thing to celebrate our goals, our plans for freedom and happiness, our resolutions to make in the New Year, and our own unique lifestyles that make us unique and defines who we are as individuals!

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The Monday Muse: Your Growing Group Round Up

Here’s some of the latest articles and ideas you can find in our “Growing Group” magazine online. Please visit the site and like us on Facebook: For the Growing Group Round-Up Things to let go to ensure Happiness Happiness Habits to learn Promote your Passions Quick Tips to create a Happier You! Boost your morale when needed! Motivation you need to cultivate This month, we have been focusing on ways to find your ‘inner muse.’ And the Growing Group articles from the magazine all reflect some aspect of nurturing and cultivating that muse we all seek. Searching For Happiness One of our favorite Happiness gurus, Gretchen Rubin, has a book and a web site that is all about happiness.  She writes about The Happiness Project in her book and on her podcast. The topic of Happiness is a popular one these days. It seems there are many out there who offer formulas and ingredients that will lead to happiness. It’s natural that we want to find happiness, but in doing so,  there are so many ways to achieve that elusive goal, that we need to pause and ask what we want and need in our own lives. Because as we know, we are all so different in our goals and our talents, the things that bring happiness to some may not be the solution in our own lives. However, there is a new way of finding peace and contentment in our lives that gives us an edge. The authority that comes with scientific research has begun to develop and explore ways to guide us in our pursuit of happiness. There are several good books out there that are recommended in The Growing Group this month. One is, “The Happiness Advantage,”  which will help give you an edge in everything you do in life! The Mindset that the author mentions in this article is something we spoke of this past week in our exercises. Part of our journey of discover includes developing a stronger mental outlook. The Growth Mindset fits in with our Growing Group mission of developing ways to ‘grow, change & improve as a human being.’   The Science of Happiness The science behind uplifting habits and positive thinking is mapped out by researchers who work on the science of motivation for a living!  In order to set better and more functional goals for ourselves, there is a way to look at progress and monitor our achievements. Managing multiple goals and tasks, resolving conflict and self-control issues, and then looking at ways to bring balance into our lives are all part of the science of motivation. The people who surround us, who support us, and help us grow and thrive are vital elements to achieve success. You will find that when you set goals with a viewpoint of working to achieve things head-on, it is a superior plan rather than seeking out the habits and mindset of avoidance. The Positive Mindset for Success Once you find the positive mindset to help you achieve success, the other vital element is to find ways to chart your progress. So many of our desires and goals are often thwarted when we have setbacks,and we often feel like quitting. Or we may feel that the task before us is an impossible one. But in looking for ways to sustain momentum and motivation, we need to have a positive outlook. And taking baby steps helps us to achieve benchmarks to monitor our progress. Then we’ll know (& celebrate)  how far we’ve come! Some Growing Group Ideas:  When you need Motivation But as we are all human, we can often find ourselves feeling helpless or down about life. When we do find ourselves plagued with self-doubt, here are some of the ideas listed that can be quite helpful: When things go sideways, think of the Big Picture. If the Universe has a plan for you, then no decision is ‘right or wrong’ but instead, a choice that may take you down a different path! Think of the Mantra of “Pain is Inevitable sometimes….But Suffering is always Optional” The Growing Group reminds us that we are all part of a bigger picture. If we don’t maintain the status quo, but instead look to make connections, to find inspiration and look for your true calling, and things to satisfy your soul, then you will have to take chances. There is some things that are harder than others to achieve, but if we are to move forward, we must grow as humans and spiritual creatures. You are the one who must make a conscious decision to move forward in your own life! Even when it gets harder, and we are feeling down or have disappointments, we can develop that mindset that helps us achieve success and growth in our lives. Fighting one battle at a time is essential. Learning that the other battles that constantly shadow us and fill our heads are the ones we fought yesterday and the ones we will fight tomorrow. Regrets and resentments of yesterday’s past, mixed with the fear and dread of the shadows of the future can overwhelm and paralyze the best of us. Keep the mantra in mind of the Serenity Prayer. The wisdom to know the difference is all about knowing what we can and cannot change. What we can control, we can change. Everything else is made for the Serenity Mantra- Grant me wisdom to know the difference! Don’t tally up all your mistakes and failures of the past. Think of the things you have done and achieved where others have not dared to even try! Mistakes are something you need to let go. If you have a journal, write a mistake page. Then for each mistake, you must write something that you learned from a past mistake or a reason the mistake occurred. Finally, tear out the page and then light a match or throw it out! Letting go of past mistakes is the only way to

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Five Favorite Things for April!

We should really start off with April Fools Day! April Fools is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s tailor made for those of us who are inclined to not take ourselves too seriously…And last month we honored those funny people we love most on “Let’s Laugh” Day. The theme for April is Green Shoots and Simple Abundance. This month, as with every month, it’s hard to narrow it down to just five favorites…but here goes: Number One: Library Week & Book Day! April 4th – 10th In April, we are kicking off the month at 6 Degrees thinking of books. Those books we love the most, and the ones that we never have enough time to read! On the website, there are 6 Degrees books of course, but also the books from Reverend Philip Lee. Reverend Lee wrote the much revered authoritative book on the Christian Right: “Against the Protestant Gnostics.” Another Canadian author and environmentalist is Philip Lee Jr. His newest acclaimed book is “Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River” There’s a  friend from my Church days, Sarah M. Bonnema, who has written a fantastic children’s book called “The Color of God.”  And there are some books offered from my mentor, Gretchen Rubin, who writes about happiness in “The Happiness Project” and also has a best-seller called “The Four Tendencies.” Oprah, of course, has her famous book club, and Gretchen Rubin does recommend a list of books to read on her site. We have started The Sunday Reads at 6 Degrees, and it features monthly book recommendations, but also a list of articles and long reads that are diverse and interesting as well as topical!   Number Two: World Health Day April 7th World Health Day is a time when we remind ourselves of the resolutions that we were going to make or the ways we were going to try and eat more veggies! So the new Brown Bag Series of Posts will help remind you that we can’t always be perfect, but it pays to stay informed, especially as we are all trying to find a balance of the new ‘normal’ in a post-COVID world!   Number Three: National Pet Day is April 11th I had a good friend who would tell me that every day was National Pet Day at our houses, because we loved our dogs so much! No matter what kind of pet you have, we celebrate them all…This month, we are most excited about the new Facebook page: My Dog Journal, and the website page offering a chance to send us pictures of your favorite pups to highlight on Tee-Shirts, on Mugs, on Totes or even on your Journal. We also offer a Pet Memorial Album, to download for sharing pictures of your beloved pooch that has traveled over the Rainbow Bridge. Here’s a link to the origins of that familiar phrase we pet owners use to acknowledge when our animals are ready to cross over to the other side.   Number Four: Easter Sunday is April 17th Easter Sunday is April 17th this year, and each week we have discussed in our Lent series a few topics that tie in to our Easter theme this year of Simple Abundance.  Not only do we suggest simple ways to become more mindful of what we eat, but also the things that we need to focus on in our everyday lives. They are the Green Shoots that give us hope and make us grateful for all the abundance we have here in America.   Number Five: April 22nd is Earth Day at Brown Bag Organics That brings us to Earth Day! This year, not only are we excited about the Brown Bag Organics tie -ins, with Green Resources and Carbon Footprint trackers, but also the Earth Day Products we can enjoy! Those practical items that will help us  be not only mindful of our planet, but also offer solutions as well as statements of how we plan to act in our everyday lives.   April is a time for grace and celebration, for fun and laughter as well as family and fellowship. In other words, we will enjoy the times we gather together as well as those times when we work and plan and look forward to the good times yet to come!   Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, all my friends who follow us at 6 Degrees. We are always planning new adventures here and look forward to hearing from all of you… Like and follow us on Facebook at 6 Degrees Writer and now at Brown Bag Organics and 6 Degrees of Film pages.   Don’t forget to download some fun Freebies like your 2022 Mini Planner and Self Esteem Journal. And check out the Earth Day line from Brown Bag Organics….Tee-Shirts/ Mugs/ Totes & Journals!   “Tell me what you pay attention to & I will tell you who you are”-Jose Ortega y Gasset   Check it out: Sunday Reads on Facebook Vignettes : April is Pale Fawn Fluff & The Serenity Prayer for the not-so Serene 6 Degrees of Film Round up: Monthly Film news and weekly updates on FB Lent Series: Brown Bag Organics Facebook Page My Dog Journal on Facebook

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Lent Series: Reminder to all on the Judgment of Nations

St Augustine: God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. If the center is everywhere, it is where you are. You are the center of the universe, the center of God. Somehow, I’m not seeing this as a self-centered and narcissistic statement.  Instead, I believe it’s a view of the notion that we are God-Centric. And with God working to create a better world, we must begin within ourselves. Neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends, families helping other families in need, and so it goes that in helping others, we can begin today. That is the way that we can create a better world one step at a time. Thinking of the people in Ukraine, and the ones that we need to help who are in need, it suddenly makes more sense to hear Jesus’ voice in scripture talking about the Judgment of Nations: “Just as you do to the least of these…so you do it for me..” Matthew 25:40 On April 22nd, on Earth Day, you can sign up to become part of the members who will invoke the National Climate Prayer. Here is an excerpt from it: …We pray that love & wisdom might inspire my actions and our actions as communities so that we may look into the eyes of brothers and sisters…and truthfully say we are doing our part to care for them and the future of the children. May love transform us and our world with new steps towards life.

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Lent Vignettes: On Denial & Affirmations

The practice of Lent has often been associated with denial and giving up certain things in order to remind Christians of the sacrifices that Christ made for us. In the practice of Lent, there has been an emphasis on fasting, on denial, and on taking things away. In a different pattern, the idea of Lent can be practiced with mindfulness. Tracking your Carbon Footprint Instead of thinking about ways to fast or to give up, the idea of  simply drinking a glass of fresh water and saying a prayer of thankfulness for clean water can be a new practice. And visiting the site where you may track your Carbon Footprint may lead to new ideas about ways to ‘green’ your home. These are affirmations, and positive ways to declare your intentions of living pro-actively and mindfully going forward. In keeping with the practice, the Book of Genesis in the Bible begins by telling us that God asked his newly created human to tend to the Garden and till the Earth! (Genesis 2:15) We are keepers of the Garden and the little blue dot which is the beauty of Earth. Think of a list this week of affirming actions you can take to help become a better steward of the Earth during Lent.

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6 Degrees Vignettes for February

Hoarding the Good Stuff in life The problem is always in defining what ‘the good stuff’ really is.  And if you work without a team of people, (as is the case for writers), you will never hear the roar of a crowd to symbolize victory unless or until you put your best work out there. We have talked in the past about the need to bring your “A” game with you every day. The weekly Mantra was about looking at wealth from a different angle. Instead of just focusing on how much money and stuff we can accumulate, we instead need to store up the treasures that we can hoard. Those things that are our core values and our own inner strengths are what we need get us through the long winter nights. If we use creative imagination to enhance our spiritual life, and step it up by bringing our “A” game each time, we will be ready. And when we are faced with a situation or problem we can’t immediately solve, it will serve us going forward. That’s the plan! Mantra: I will think about the different ways that wealth can be defined in my life. By having a rich spiritual life, it will enhance my own wealth & value as a person. I’ll think of what my core values are, and how what I believe is a type of treasure I can carry with me each day. And finally, by enhancing my spiritual life with creative imagination & an expanded vision, it will help me grow & move forward each day.  Using your Mantra… Your Mantra is to use Creative Imagination as a tool for your Spiritual life. Think back on what or who has inspired you the most in your life? The people you most admire who had to face either illness or adversity…what did they do? Did they give up? If they did, those are not the tales we long hear about or especially raise up. These are not the ones we tend to laud loudly with applause and approbation. “The ones who gave up too easily.” The Tom Brady Mystique: “Till there was You” There were bells on a hill, but we never heard them ringing No we never heard them at all…till there was you! For those of us living in Tampa Bay, we saw that the Tom Brady Mentality was all about a winning mindset. “ Pound the Rock” was what Jon Gruden told the Bucs in order to get them to believe in themselves as winners. Gruden was able to get his team to the Super Bowl and to win the Golden Ring with that mindset. The winning mindset is what this was about, and we didn’t have it before Brady. The Buccaneers were a muttered under the breath joke of a team, with a losing mentality. It often proved to be pointless to root for the Bucs. And Brady turned it around and let them know and feel what winning was and could be about. That is the same type of winning mentality that we hear about but don’t see and feel often enough in our politics or even in our everyday lives. That is something you can feel as part of a winning team, but not when you are performing as an individual.   The Writers Fate… This month, during the Olympics, we were talking a lot about the idea of individual achievement and competitiveness that can lead one to dare to become an Olympic champion. The Writers Fate is something of the opposite. You are all alone and the standard of achievement is one that will never be met as it is always something out of your grasp. All of this is just part of the 6 Degrees Writer- and part of all writers- patina. If you are a Real writer, then you know that sometimes you have to just blow through all those artificial deadlines that you have set for yourself. This is something that is always happening in our lives. There are standards one sets for themselves, and then, there’s the blown deadlines and missed opportunities. It’s par for the course when you write. There are deadlines and artificial deadlines and blown deadlines and missed assignments…and then you just put your head under a pillow. It’s done, over, cooked and no more. That’s the way it goes. Some things were not meant to be. Some things were never going to work out and some things just take off with a life of their own. Don’t fight it…   We could go on like this for awhile… So now the time has come to submit something. And it is never done and never good enough. We are where we are; it is what it is. It will be what it will be, etc, etc…So on and so forth (You could go on like this for a while.) At some point, you need to suck it up, put your big girl panties on (Stop with the stupid metaphors) and just plow full speed ahead into…? Total darkness and oblivion?  Because things will never be good enough in some cases to be ready for submission.  The idea of ‘killing your darlings’ is part of the writers lament when we see ourselves trapped in an endless cycle of metaphors spun for what we believe to be ‘gold’ and is sometimes much less And so, in the end, we are at times trapped in a web of our own making. But to avoid that fate, I am going to work on:  1) Cultivating that winning mentality; 2) Using a Creative Imagination to finish what I have begun and to motivate me going forward and by 3) Bringing my “A” game every day in order to appreciate the good stuff in life! Vignettes for March:  *History of Ludwig Von Drake *Lack of Marketing Skills *The Happy Weatherman For March: Join us when we look at some of the greatest ‘know-it-all’s’ through history

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6 Degrees of Film February Round-up: Oscar Nominations are here!

Film fans, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this awards season in Hollywood. Some films were snubbed and some great acting performances were overlooked. But there has been more emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and this is something new to the Hollywood brand! The Oscar Nominees for 2022 Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of MacBeth) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Power of the Dog),  are two actors that are always in my top tier of Best Actor choices.  Also nominated in the Best Actor category:   Javier Bardem (Being the Ricardos),, Will Smith (King Richard) and Andrew Garfield (Tick, Tick..Boom!)   For Best Actress: Kristen Stewart is nominated for Spencer along with Penelope Cruz  (Parallel Mothers), and Nicole Kidman (also Being the Ricardos) plus Olivia Colman (The Lost Daughter.) Jessica Chastain has long been one of my favorites, and she is up for The Eyes of Tammy Faye.   The Best Picture list is long (too long!) There are ten films that include most of the usual suspects that were expected to be nominated, or have won other prestigious awards. The Power of the Dog is a strong favorite, along with Belfast from Kenneth Branagh. The other films are Dune, Drive My Car, King Richard, Licorice Pizza, Nightmare Alley, Don’t Look Up, CODA & West Side Story.   The Best Director category is notable as Jane Campion is one of the few female directors who has even been nominated for this honor. Kenneth Branagh is a strong favorite,  as is Paul Thomas Anderson for Licorice Pizza. But the Japanese film, Drive My Car has also won several top honors so director Ryuseke Hamauguchi has a good shot at it, making this a very tight race! Turner Classic Films: The Armchair Film Fest   We often speak of the Armchair Film Festival (even before there was COVID!), so this month is chock full of films to record and to revisit in the wake of the Oscar Nominations. The Boxing films to record for an Armchair Film Fest would begin with the great documentary on Muhammad Ali’s fight with George Foreman called, When we were Kings. It is a good film to see as part of Black History Month also.   The Set Up with Robert Ryan tells the classic story of an aging boxer on the ropes who is asked to throw a fight. Robert Ryan is one of my favorites from the Noir genre. The director is notable too; he is Robert Wise, the same director from the Film Noir genre who went on to fame with his masterful direction of The Sound of Music in the sixties. Pioneering Women The women pioneers of #MeToo are out in force in February. Judy Garland plays this remarkable character in The Harvey Girls that was based on the real-life women who worked in these Western towns and really were instrumental in helping to build and to carve out civilization in the “Old West.” Lauren Bacall debuted opposite Humphrey Bogart in To Have & Have Not, which was based on a story by Ernest Hemingway. It’s a good film, not as good as Casablanca, and not as engaging as The Big Sleep, but it’s still a good B movie. Armchair Film Fest Recommends…   One of the best Film Noir stories is shown in a two-part Armchair Fest featuring Gene Tierney. Laura is the Film Noir classic that is definitely required viewing for all lovers of Noir. Next is The Ghost & Mrs Muir, which is an entertaining and unique romantic tale of two lovers who meet and are doomed to be apart as one of them is already dead! The ghost is played superbly by a young Rex Harrison. Some of the greatest actors in Hollywood are featured on TCM this month. Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper are outstanding in Hoosiers. And Montgomery Clift is featured in Red River followed by Wild River. The young Monty Clift vs the older version is worth recording for the Armchair Film Fest… And since PBS has shown a series based on the Jules Verne classic, “Around the World in 80 Days,’ it’s worth seeing the version that was a big hit in the fifties starring David Niven. Rounding out Turner Classic this month are films that honor black history. We have mentioned When we were Kings, and for your Armchair Film Fest, you can add the documentary Black Panthers, and the film, Mississippi Burning, starring Willem Dafoe.  The film was based on a true story of what happened to Freedom Riders in the sixties as they tried to register African-Americans to vote in the deep South. 6 Degrees of Film: The Long Reads   This month, Friday Flix has an article from Film Comment that delves into the question of what is going to happen to the art form of cinema in the post-COVID world.  That is an interesting question that was also discussed at length in my book from 2013:  6 Degrees of Film: The Future of Film in the Global Village.  The era of streaming and the pandemic has created a real dilemma for the film industry which has always been based on the big business of profit and loss over the question of artistic freedom and purity. There are other questions that are raised when discussing where film is going, and were also addressed briefly in 6 Degrees of Film. One of them regards the 74 year old court ruling known as “The Paramount Decree” which sunsets in August of this year. The move paved the way for the rise of television but also ushered in the end of the Golden Age of Film.  Movie theaters controlled a monopoly, as they also owned the theaters in which their films were shown. When they were ordered to sell their theaters, the profit margin collapsed along with their business model! That ruling is discussed as well as what may happen to the industry when the law sunsets in August. Another fly in the ointment of

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