Denzel Washington-A Filmography

Denzel WashingtonMalcolm X- 1992-Denzel Washington owns this role and makes Malcolm X a figure of dignity and a sympathetic character, no small feat considering the reputation shared by both the controversial leader AND director Spike Lee.

The Great Debaters-2007 – A small film, which tends to be overlooked, but an important one in that this is not a typical Denzel Washington action film vehicle, but rather a chance for him to shine as a leader and mentor. This role allowed him to show a very real side of the actor, one who inspires others…In this part, he plays Melvin B. Tolson, a teacher who inspired his students to take risks. Based on a true story, the team of African-American college students from Wiley College struggled to gain acceptance in the 1930’s while battling prejudice and stereotyping in the Jim Crow world of the
Old South.

Taking of Pelham 123-2009 – In this we see an older version of Denzel Washington. He plays the older and mellower part of the unfortunate transit worker who happens to be on duty when a crazed psychopath, played by John Travolta, hi-jacks a New York Subway train and proceeds to terrorize the city. This remake was executed well and moved at a fast pace.

Man on Fire 2004– Washington was never better than in this portrayal of a slightly down and out former CIA operative turned bodyguard who becomes a man with a mission. He is “on fire” to retrieve his lost charge, a young girl played by Dakota Fanning, who is abducted while under his watch.

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