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Five Favorite Things for December

Five Favorite Things
A few favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things from this past month and the Christmas season….

The idea of Giving Back all year long!

I’m working hard to bring home the fact that it’s not just for Christmas…It gave me the idea through this month of December to thank the people surrounding me, influencers, friends and family who have helped me to get my business started and to encourage me along the way. It’s one way of giving back to the Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations that have worked so hard for us through the years… Each day on Facebook I’ve featured a person or a business or organization that has helped me in the past.

The small things that matter

At Christmas, I’m just thankful that we have had the good fortune to have our health, while some are grieving painful losses. I’m fortunate myself that my 94 year old mother is still with us.  And grateful that we made it through this year! Even publishing the E-book Life Coach/Christ Coach, that was in the works for the past year has been something I’m grateful to be able to do…

Movies & Friday Flix

6 Degrees
6 Degrees

Watching the old ones during the pandemic period has been fun for me…and discovering lots of websites that exclusively focus on old films and classic genres such as Noir or Romance or Detectives and Black & White…Each Friday, the 6 Degrees of Film Magazine will feature; Friday Flix: The news on Facebook and Flipboard is pulled from all the best of the “Best of” the web each week….

Fun & Atlas Obscura

 Atlas Obscura always has the best ‘obscure’ pieces of historic trivia or simply some out of the way destinations featured each week. The site reminds me of one of my favorite books from this PBS local show called Fantasy of Florida; where the companion book looked at all the obscure and out of the way places in Florida to visit and were simply hidden gems!

Funny Stuff: Lip-syncing to Doris Day

One favorite thing I remember from years ago was “lip-syncing” to Doris Day…with my roommates, Mari & Eydie long before there was Karaoke Night! One favorite was this obscure Doris Day hit “Why Did I tell you I was going to Shanghai?” (It’s still on YouTube!)….And going to dance clubs when Disco was King! I still remember how much fun we had living in that little apartment by USF…. & all the laughs we had together!

There’s so much to be grateful for and so many people that have helped us along the way…It shows us that the premise of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one we carry with us as a legacy each day…Clarence the Angel tells George Bailey: “You really did have a wonderful life. Each person’s life touches another’s in ways we don’t even realize!”

Happy New Year to All!

6 Degrees Writer

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