Five Favorite Things for February

                                                                              Five Favorite Things….

February is always full of so many fun things to do! For Football fans everywhere, there is Sunday, February 13th & the Super Bowl (Check out some great appetizers in GF Writers Cooking Journal.) And of course there is Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th. 6 Degrees is featuring “A Little Romance,” our online Romance magazine as well as a Designer “A Little Romance” Mug in our upcoming drawing this week. (Enter below…)

Plus there is the Winter Olympics and the Westminster Kennel Dog Show February 14-15th. (See the highlights from Westminster in “Doggie in the Window magazine!) So with all of the fun and excitement that is waiting, it’s hard to narrow it down to just Five Favorites…

Number One: National Pizza Day: Wednesday Feb 9th

Most of us love pizza, even those of us who must eat the gluten-free variety! We offer recipes for those who love pizza and can’t eat the wheat variety in Strictly Gluten, our gluten-free magazine. If you know someone who eats gluten-free tell them to sign up now for Gluten Freebies, our monthly download chock-full of GF recipes and tips. (The GF Writers Cooking Journal has the ‘other’ kind of pizza recipes featured!)😊

Number Two: Random Acts of Kindness: Thursday Feb 17th

The month of February is filled with all kinds of promises and positive energy for Growing Group members and our friends here at 6 Degrees! Kindness is the key word, and we are setting up the Kindness Booklet to give away to all who visit our site and follow us online.

One of the reasons for the Kindness Booklet giveaway is the Random Acts of Kindness Day. We work hard to take the concept of random acts and carry it through all year long! Find out more ways to make kindness a habit when you download The Kindness Booklet.

Number Three: Celebrating Women & Girls on Friday, Feb 11th

At 6 Degrees, we are always finding ways to celebrate the advancements of women & young girls. Our Confidence Cues Ebook is one way that we have begun by offering the Positive Planning Workshop and Confidence Cues Ebook to those who are looking to advance their career or may need a boost of confidence from time to time. Find out more here…

Number Four: International Book Giving/Valentine’s Day-Feb 14th

That is of course, ‘music to the ears’ of all of us who write books! And we are giving away Life Coach Christ Coach as well as the Kindness Booklet this month. If you love books as I do, check out the 6 Degrees Writer: Favorites magazine for those who love to write and those who love to read!

Number Five: Brown Bag Organics & Anti-Aging Thursday Feb 24th

Brown Bag Organics

For those of us who celebrate youth (and are still young at heart!) we are launching the Brown Bag Organics Anti-Aging Formula on February 24th The Anti-Aging formula is a simple and inexpensive formula made from natural oils and organic products.  The Brown Bag Tip Sheet features free information and links to our online magazine. Find out more now….

One Last Thing: There was a bit of a ‘blip’ on the radar at the end of last month when 6 went dark for a day or so. It was a time when I took to heart all the advice that we give to others about staying hopeful and positive. Because we know that whenever life gives us a challenge, it is something to also tell us more about ourselves and how we build character and accept setbacks…And it will turn out to be a ‘net positive’ in the end, I am sure!

I can’t wait to here from you. Contact us at 6 Degrees; and let us know what you think…What are your favorite things?  Stay tuned for more goodies and great things coming up in March.

Till next time, ML-6 Degrees Writer

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