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Five Favorite Things for February!

Five Favorites
February Favorites

Picking out five favorite things has been harder than expected…In the course of the month, so many different things occur, and it’s difficult to narrow the categories. But this is Black History Month, so it helps to guide the conversation to so many great stories. And we hear some wonderful and innovative ideas in Science & Tech each month, and it gets hard to narrow the field. But here is the final list for Five Favorite Things in February:

1. Black History Month & James Earl Jones

Some great stories of those we may not have known have been featured throughout this month. But my pick is a well- known figure: the great actor James Earl Jones. From his turn in Dr, Strangelove on to his comedic Coming to America role, he runs the gamut from comedy to action and then to tragedy. He IS Othello to my mind- the apotheosis of an actor’s ability to emote. In terms of his body of work, Jones is the quintessential actor’s actor-one of Shakespearean proportions.

There is no Darth Vader without that booming voice. That voice is one that lends authority to everything. We know this IS CNN through that voice! His voice is one that could launch a thousand products. He could lead us into wars, with the strength of a Colin Powell or become a Secretary of Defense in films like “The Hunt for Red October”. where he was memorable as the mentor for Jack Ryan.

One cannot imagine a world of film or an America without the gravitas and heft that James Earl Jones brings to every project. There are great actors on the horizon, and others that have made their mark in history for African American filmmakers. But James Earl Jones stands out from the herd, and he leads with his voice through the ages. He has lived in our heads through his stellar work in plays, on film, on television, as he permeates the lives of all who hear that instantly recognizable voice of the ages. It is the voice of America come to life!

#2: Perseverance pays off!

We are on Mars! The newest rover is awesome and the pictures from the surface of Mars are so crisp and clear. There’s more on this amazing adventure in 6 Degrees of Science & Climate Change Magazine– just wait until “Percy” unloads its tiny little drone-like helicopter to begin its mission!

#3: Brown Bag Organics!

Brown Bag Organics

All this month, I’ve been reminded of the fun that I had in 2002 when I launched the Brown Bag Organics business. The re-launch of Brown Bag Organics and some of the rollouts have been just as fun to set up as when I worked on the articles and products that were a part of the original business model from almost 20 years ago! Brown Bag Organics is now an online magazine-here’s the link…Stay tuned for “The Brown Bag Story” coming soon!

New Outlooks

# 4: Your Monday Muse

The Monday Muse is the blog post that brings you your Monday “Mojo” All of the weekly motivational exercises and prompts; plus the Mantra are found in the Monday Muse. And I admit that it’s one of my favorite things each week, to set up the keywords and the motivational prompts at the start of each week. Next month we will feature the Life Coach/Christ Coach book, which just launched in November of 2020; so it’s exciting and a big part of The Growing Group program.

The Ultimate Life Coach

#5: Looking forward to a brighter Future!

The Future is brighter, and there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for the terrible year of Pandemic and the lock-downs that we have endured; along with the horrific number of deaths in America-500,000+. Here’s hoping that we may be able to begin to peep out more and to begin to, fingers crossed, turn the corner on this terrible Covid-19 pandemic. To read more about some exciting and optimistic plans that are just around the corner for all of us in the fields of science and technology, go to 6 Degrees into the Future Magazine each month and find out more!

Well, that’s all for now, folks, but stay tuned as we have so much planned for 6 Degrees followers in the coming months- The Life Coach book launch is part of it, as well as more from our online magazines as well as the weekly Film Roundup from 6 Degrees of Film.

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!-ML-The 6 Degrees Writer

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