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Five Favorite Things for January at 6 Degrees!

At the end of the year, we all reflect upon the past and the things that have occurred during the course of the year gone by. But we also are excited for the promise the New Year can bring! During January, we are working on some new things at 6 Degrees that are designed to start the New Year off right.

             Brown Bag Organics

Number One:  January 3rd  is The Mind/ Body Wellness Connection

The theme for this month is Mind/Body Wellness. And with Brown Bag Organics, we have been working to connect the two with ways everyone can relate to and enjoy. For instance, meditation and an emphasis on centering our thoughts is a way to connect with The Growing Group each month.

And Brown Bag also emphasizes healthier habits, as we make resolutions to eat better and to try to become healthier as we grow older!

Number Two: January 13th is Gluten-Free Day!

Our Gluten Freebies will introduce you to the dirty little secret that gluten-free eating doesn’t automatically mean that you give up flavor and taste! The Gluten Freebies are designed to showcase some tasty recipes and highlight new ideas about cooking gluten-free. I’ve been GF for over 25 years now, and it’s become so much easier to eat and plan and to cook the gluten-free way!

            Join us each week!

Number Three is Happiness Week from January 16th through the 22nd

At The Growing Group, we focus on ways to not only look for happiness in your own life, but for different ways to define happiness for yourself and for others. The Growing Group is one way we recommend celebrating Happiness week. Gretchen Rubin is someone who created The Happiness Project, and is one of our favorite authorities on the subject of Happiness.

Number Four: Your Vision Calendar

For the new year, you can create a new model in seeking goals and finding creative focus. Join us at The Growing Group  each week and you may be surprised at how much a little bit of motivation can help! For those who want to expand and build on their Growing Group membership, sign up for Motivational Maintenance.  The Ebook will explore ways to begin your journey that takes you through the year. Vision Calendar is just the first step Sign up for free and join us this January.  If you decide to take advantage of the special offer to join us for the year of Positive Planning and Motivational Maintenance, you may soon find that the old saying, “The World is your Oyster!” will become true!

Number Five: My Dog Journal

Introducing the new dog page that contains more than just a few tips and ideas about how to care for your favorite four-legged friend! Doggie in the Window is a magazine that ..The Dog Memorial page is for all of us who have loved and lost our best friends. And for those who would like to tote your pooch with you everywhere, we are offering tote bags and mugs with your favorite dog printed to take the wherever you go! ..Check out the details here.

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