Five Favorite Things for March

Five Favorite things
Five Favorite Things!

It’s been hard to pick out five favorites…but here are some of the favorite things that have been happening at 6 Degrees in March!

Number One: Dogs!

Dogs are always part of the favorite things on my list! The lists are endless with the constant stream of pictures from the Irish Setter lovers on Facebook- with some classic St Patty’s Day pix with everyone’s favorite Irish breed.  There were some great stories and videos featuring French Bulldog’s at play. And all of us who have rescued pets were glad to see that the White House rescue dog was out of the ‘doghouse’ and able to return with a newfound resolve to work with Major and help him through a difficult time…. Our Doggie in the Window magazine features all this and more!

Number Two: Women’s History Month

This year has been especially productive in highlighting women’s issues. The launch of myA Century of Women’  magazine continues to celebrate the Centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote! Combining some stellar leaders in Women’s Black History also helped to promote women of color who may have been overlooked in past years.  There has certainly been an explosion of articles about the standout women who are now coming into their own.

Number 3:  Life Coaching

The Ultimate Life Coach

Life Coaching has been on the radar for me. With the publication of Life Coach, Christ Coach, the book has helped me to expand the horizon for what it means to be a coach and to have excellent teachers and role models that help us through the various stages of our lives. I highlighted some of the women in Life Coach, some of the teachers I personally knew and some of the influencers that are part of our world and have been role models for many of us.

Number 4: Science and Technology Breakthroughs!

Science that has done so much to help us through the Pandemic! The new book, The Codebreakers, is one I am dying to read. It’s by renowned writer Walter Isaacson, and tells the story of Jennifer Doudna-who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on gene editing that helped develop the vaccines for COVID 19. In addition, NASA is still giving us new data and information on the Perseverance rover that has landed on Mars and will soon be delivering pictures from their mini helicopter!

Number 5:  The Personals

On a personal note, my mother turned 95 in March and my aunt is over 100. I took my aunt to a doctor’s appointment, where he told me they had several patients over 100! When I worked in a church, the nanogenarians (90 year-olds) were celebrated, but now there are so many breakthroughs in science and medicine and we are seeing people who will live to 100 on a regular basis. It’s a great thing to celebrate…

Those are all the many good things that have been working together this past month. I’m excited to move into April and celebrate the films that I love. The Oscars Ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 25th, as well as Earth Day, on Thursday, April 22nd, so there’s plenty to look forward to. Heading into the Easter weekend, there is much to be thankful about after a year of Covid and Lockdown. But to be honest, we still need to be careful and use masks and social distancing as the pandemic is not over yet!

I will choose to be grateful for the opportunities that science and technology have given us. We are a nation of cockeyed optimists, as I often say. So on that note, Happy Easter weekend to all and here’s hoping that we will see great things unfold in the coming days and weeks-ML-6DW

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