Five Favorite Things for November

For the month of November, we are focusing on the Theme of Challenge: Challenge your Curiosity! Challenge yourself to learn more about things that make you curious.  Sign up for the Flipboard magazines- they have been a part of 6 Degrees for the past seven years and more. Starting the month off, we are featuring The 7 Day Challenge….

Number One is: The 7 Day Challenge for everyone!

  • The 7 Day Challenge for all to join and to begin to discover the different layers that are part of our information hub at 6 Degrees Writer! Every week we offer the Monday Muse-Sign up for weekly motivational exercises and a Mantra with inspirational verses that will help to start your week off right…

Our website offers downloads to goodies such as Your Vision Book, Your Self-Esteem Journal, and for a limited time-our “Life Coach/Christ Coach” is available for free!

Number Two:  Holiday Film News: For the 2021 Holiday Film Season!

  • 6 Degrees of Film has a list of favorite films for Holidays that is your best guide to all the current films to see during the 2021 Holiday Season. We are also featuring a special holiday offer from the “6 Degrees of Film” book that will serve as a ‘go-to’ list of past & present holiday classics-The 100 Films from 6 Degrees. 

Number Three: Applied McLuhan: Marketing ideas for the 21st Century

Number Four: National Stuffing Day:

Recipes for all including the Gluten Freebies!

  • An apt promotion for our pre-Thanksgiving feature of feeling ‘stuffed’ for the upcoming turkey holiday! National Stuffing Day (Nov 21st) will also feature the monthly “Gluten Freebies” for those of us who can’t eat gluten but still love to see the stuffing on the plate on Thanksgiving Day. Sign up for Gluten Freebies in your box every month!

Number Five: World Television Day: For those of us who live for and love our TV Shows!

  • This November, also on Nov 21st, is a day where the world honors what we have dubbed the “Boob Tube” or ‘The Idiot Box” depending on who you ask! But for those of us who love television, from its early days of broadcast through to the many seemingly thousands of shows that stream online daily, here’s a chance to catch up on the history of how the concept even got started! Don’t miss the Vignettes blog post on the 6 Degrees Website and the Facebook post celebrating the start of television!
Lucille Ball at her best

November is always a crazy time because we realize how fast the year is going to just slip away once the holiday season gets into gear. So please join us at 6 Degrees as we reflect and celebrate and laugh and sigh about the craziness of the year past and the promise of a New Year coming soon!

Till next time-ML

The 6 Degrees Writer

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