Five Favorite Things for October: From 6 Degrees

For October, the month promises to be one where so many of the things come together that were imagined when I first set up the 6 Degrees Website. It always takes longer than you think! And in celebrating the one-year Anniversary of 6 Degrees Writer website, we’re starting the month off with a big bang…

Number One: The Freaky Friday Freebies

We are offering our Life Coach/Christ Coach along with the Positive Planning workshop all month long. All part of our ‘Freaky Friday Freebies” and the month-long celebration on Facebook & Twitter.

Number Two: The Feast of St Francis

The dogs are blessed every day at 6 Degrees! Check out our “Doggie in the window  Round-up and sign up for more heart-warming stories and informative articles about our favorite subject-Dogs!

Number Three: Do Something Nice Day

For all of us,  here’s a way of offering ideas and suggestions to “do something nice’ every week!  We offer the Kindness Booklet plus the Life Coach/ Christ Coach,” as well as the Growing Group sign ups to help start the ball rolling. Join us and do something nice for yourself too!

Join us each week!

Number Four: United Nations Day

There are so many ways to raise awareness of the important issues of the day all through the month of October. There is National Mentoring Day and National Youth Conference Day,  Stop Bullying Day-and the #United Nations Day. Mentoring, learning to stop bullying and helping others grow are ideas that take us to the heart and soul of what we talk about at The Growing Group. Find out more at Non Profit News magazine about global partnerships and ways to help in your own community!

Number Five: Global Cat Day

We talk about dogs all the time here at 6 Degrees. But we love our cats too!  Here are the pictures of the new cat rescue: Tabitha.  October includes a celebration of our feline friends with #Global Cat Day. After all, cats need their day in the sun too!

Stay tuned for the upcoming links for the Motivational Madness ebook,  Gluten Freebies sign ups, and our offers for “Freaky Friday Freebies!” Each day in October we feature something new from our influencers as we look back at the past year.  And we look forward to another year of fun here at 6 Degrees. Hard to believe it’s been a year as the time has flown by!

Through it all, it’s been fun and challenging and rewarding as well. I wouldn’t miss a minute of the challenging things I’ve done and the wonderful people I’ve met in the course of the year. Here’s to an even better year ahead. ML-6D Writer

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