Five Favorite Things from July-6 Degrees Writer

Here’s a list of five favorite things from the past month. And that includes all the things we’re excited about that are coming up in August!

Number One: Our Dogs!

Our Dogs! For the month past, we have been talking about the dogs in our life. And that is always a favorite thing each month for me and for my friends who are dog lovers online! I love to read the stories of the rescues and the rehabilitation that occurs when dogs realize they are loved and in a loving environment.

Number Two: Brown Bag Organics Roll out!

                Brown Bag Organics

Brown Bag Organics has been a long time coming but that is because there are so many exciting things ‘in the works’ with Brown Bag. Not only is there a Brown Bag Organics web page and magazine, but we are also working to put out a Green Resources Page and Business listing for the site.

Number Three:  The Growing Group’s Self-Esteem Calendar!

           Join us at The Growing Group!

The Self-Esteem Calendar is a monthly calendar that is part of the Growing Group program, as well as the weekly Monday Muse that offers different ways to find motivation each week to start it off right!

Number Four: The Olympics Teachable Moment

The Olympics has been a ‘teachable moment’ for those of us who deal with overwhelm. Almost all of us can relate to the story of the great Olympian Simone Biles, who was honest about her mental health status and was able to continue to lead the team as they are all competing for the Gold! It’s a very stressful field of sports, and it’s understandable that someone must be in the moment, and if not, honest enough to step back and take a pause….The Mantra for the week was one that was timely enough for me to post it online…It’s right below this list

Number Five: Personally Speaking: Welcome Lucy Liu

Personally Speaking- This month has been a good one in terms of just productive work with the website. I’ve been busy with a personal coach who has helped me pull it together immensely. And we just welcomed our newest addition, little Lucy Liu is a beautiful little Hemingway cat with beautiful black & white markings. So we are very lucky to be going into August with lots of good vibrations and omens! (See the owl that was in the tree!)

Coming in August: There’s more Olympic excitement for us. And at 6 Degrees, the theme is Writers who Write. I’m very thrilled to be able to incorporate some of the vignettes and essay blurbs that I write into a new monthly post and online feature. So that is what is current for the month of August. Stay tuned for the newsletter and the continuing rollout of Brown Bag, with the “Gluten Freebies” ahead as well as lots of other gifts and bonuses for followers!

Till next time-The 6 Degrees Writer wishing you a great and productive month of August!

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