Five Favorite Things in April!

Each month it gets harder and harder to pick the five favorites! I’m not being a Pollyanna because of course, “Stuff happens!” and it’s not all roses each day of my life. But there are so many things occurring simultaneously all around us, not just on the Internet sites, but in the world in general, that it becomes difficult to narrow it all down. I feel that all of us are sort of waking up from a deep sleep of paralysis after the year of Covid life and Pandemic living! And I keep reminding myself, especially when something goes wrong, that we are in a better place and farther away from that dark mode of uncertainty that hung over our lives through so much of last year during the worst parts of COVID.  So here are five favorites, and there are some great stories to tell….

Six Degrees
Celebrating Oscar

Number One: Six Degrees of Film and Celebrating Oscars!

I had a great time just going back and re-reading and presenting some of the best of 6 Degrees of Film, the book that I wrote almost eight years ago! It has not only become a real signature for my brand (The 6 Degrees Writer!), but also has been a major part of my life because of my love of film and of writing. So the combination of the two was the culmination of many years working on these platforms and then synthesizing them into one book. Since TCM (Turner Classic) was doing a countdown of Oscar films, it was a good time to go through the chapters and present them on Facebook.

I will say that the hype of Oscars was not on par with the very poor showing that the Academy gave us with the April 25th Oscar Ceremony. It was the lowest rated in their history, and deservedly so. But as a blogger pointed out, there was no mystery to the low numbers. Theater attendance was down 80% during the year of Covid! So we have much to look forward to in getting back to “The New Normal” for movie lovers. At 6 Degrees of Film magazine, we do a monthly post and a weekly round-up of the latest in movie news;  each week we scan the internet for the most interesting articles on film and the history of cinema. It has been a ‘win-win!” Sign up here for the weekly news….

          Brown Bag Organics

Number Two: Earth Day and Brown Bag Organics

Setting up Brown Bag Organics on the website while also celebrating Earth Day was both fun and exciting as we sped through this month. It gives us hope for the future, because not only are there more young people than ever before interested in environmental issues, but we are also making progress with legislation that is designed to protect the planet! Brown Bag Organics on the website as well as in the online magazine has been a great way to keep relevant environmental issues and news about organic products front and center for my followers online. And this year, celebrating Earth Day in this prominent way helps to ensure that we are not simply bringing about “Happy Talk’ but real dialogue on the environmental challenges we face.

Number Three: Norbert and other adorable dogs!

Dog stories are always front and center in my feed. Stories about Norbert, the cute little YouTube star and the rescue dog stories have been my favorites this month. Norbert is so cute, with his little tongue perpetually sticking out,  and he does remind me of my own adorable little moptail, Abby.

Number Four: The Personals

Personally Speaking: Getting the second dose of vaccine shot has been exciting so everyone in my immediate family has been vaccinated ! We can see each other again, and since my niece is getting ready to have her third baby, that means we will be able to see all her kids again, including the newborn! There is light at the end of the tunnel…

Number Five:   Charlotte’s World

And finally, Charlotte’s World on Pinterest is one of those fun throwaway things that I’ve been doing for several years. Princess Charlotte is the little 5 year-old girl who is the only daughter of the heir to the throne of England-Prince William. Some of the pictures of her exuberance and her mischievous nature, her natural expressions, uncanny resemblance to the current Queen of England all make for an entertaining feed…. Follow us on Pinterest!

Next month is all about healthy eating and dieting to kick off the new E-Book; Dieting for Life!  We are excited to share some of the stories of those who have completely changed their life around..

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