For April: Five Favorite Things!

April is not really the cruelest month…but it’s been given a bad rap by T.S Eliot! It’s one of the transitional months that we find from time to time may give us pause as we get further and further into the year and start to say things like, “I can’t believe it’s already time for so and so or whatever!”….

That’s the nature of time. We don’t have enough time and we get TOO much information flooding in on most days! (See my latest Blurb Blog on Substack!) So it’s hard to know where to look at times….Some of the favorite things for April have been laid out and it’s hard to narrow it down to just five!

Here are five favorites for April

Number One is World Health Day on Sunday, April 7th

World Health Day marks a time when we celebrate advancements made in medicine and in health care, and also the notion that health care is what makes us live longer and feel better in this 21st Century World we live in!

Brown Bag Organics is our magazine that gives us updates and tips for aging well and living longer. Please visit the magazine on Flipboard and our page on Facebook as well!

Number Two is National Pet Day on Thursday, April 11th

Pets are seen by those of us who love them as natural extensions of our family. We can’t imagine live without our fur friends. And for those who are without pets currently, we may remember fondly a pet that we grew up with. Yes, there are some among us who consider animals to be burdensome and dirty and just a nuisance or an added expense.  But they are not the majority!

Because those of us who love our cats and dogs will always appreciate the joy they bring and the extra dimension they add to our everyday lives. Even those who don’t have pets will concede how much love is bestowed by family and friends on those fur bundles that we love as if they are our children. And the wonderful thing is this-that love is given back twofold by our sweet pets! We can celebrate the day by giving a hug to our own pets, and acknowledging the joy they bring to so many.

Number Three is World Art Day on Monday, April 15th

World Art Day is a chance to celebrate the great works of art that we all know and have come to appreciate through the years. But also, we can take a step back and know that art is something that we live with and help to contribute to in experiencing the world around us. Modern Art even allows us to participate with projects such as the late artist Christo, who wrapped a bright pink color in the waters that surround us here in Tampa Bay.

Take a chance to visit an art gallery and make a point of pausing for a moment in your busy life to just take in a work of art that may move you or inspire you!


Number Four is Earth Day on Monday April 22nd

Earth Day has become a celebration that is global in scope and is a day to remember all the days of the year. Our slogan here at Brown Bag Organics is: “Every day is Earth Day at Brown Bag Organics!

We know that we have just one planet, one fragile blue spinning orb that we call Earth. And we have to learn to care for her, to celebrate her beauty and the unique and fragile ecosystem that we are duty-bound to protect and preserve!

Celebrate Earth Day with us as we continue to enhance our knowledge through our Eco-Green Resource list and find new ways to honor and protect our home on Mother Earth!


Number Five is World Book Day on Tuesday, April 23rd

World Book Day is not just another day for writers and book lovers! We are celebrating particularly this year with the idea that books are made to be celebrated and read and discussed and not banned!

The list of recommended reads for us includes those books that come from our friends at CSPAN. And though many find it boring, CSPAN offers BookTV, an entire channel where new authors discuss their latest books and there are book festivals and conventions also seen and featured each week.

Your local library is another place where, far from being a boring and stuffy place, there are community events and reading rooms and children’s reading events that take place as well as classes and workshops. Films and audio tapes are available as well as books at a well-stocked local library. Remember to support your local library and librarian too, as we celebrate books on World Book Day!

Number Five TIE! The 23rd is also National Shakespeare Day!

Since publishing “My Grandmother’s Shakespeare’ a decade ago, I have naturally taken every opportunity to celebrate Shakespeare in our lives! My short story talked about the many Shakespeare books my grandmother had collected as she was the parliamentarian for the local Shakespeare Club in her community.

And I have added to the collection, as well as keeping a list of the best Shakespeare films that have been adapted to the screen as I began to write about films in later years. So all of these things give us even more reason to celebrate how William Shakespeare still has made himself a relevant influencer in our 21st Century World!

For the month of April, that brings us to the end of the ‘happenings’ for the time being! Stay tuned as we keep looking for more upcoming events each month here at 6 Degrees!

 Enjoy yourselves this April!

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