For my Unity Friends- The Mission Centric Model

For my friends from Unity, here is one portion of what I did at Unity of Tampa! For the website

The Mission Centric Model going forward…. 

The felt experience of Mission Fulfillment in the lives of community members is the goal of the Mission-driven model for Unity. It should be about positive fulfillment and creation of mission: In other words, there should be a point, called a tipping point, where the work is concrete enough to be able to see the changes made. “Show your work” is the goal!

It is the doing or practice of your mission that leads to creating community- It is more than simply re-working a mission statement; The meat on the bones of the entire system lies within the church community.

The Tipping point that is mentioned in mission-centric models will be felt and known when the following changes occur:

  • Reconfigure the organizational structures- Meaning that not simply abandoning the idea of a minister to help guide the mission, but to bring on board those who are part of the changing role.
  • The practices and systems of Mission delivery goes Beyond Sunday Worship. Mission is fulfilled beyond multiple avenues beyond the Sunday Gathering
  • The role of the minister and board change….in the new paradigm The minister is not the head or ‘parental figure’; he or she is a life coach or spiritual coach that works alongside the congregational members and groups to institute change.
  • The Board’s role also moves from just managing to modeling– they are working to become examples and to use their leadership role to model the changes needed
  • Tithe to become a source of the mission to Transform Lives; if that is your call…; Tithing is something that will be discussed in depth in the months ahead. But the purpose is to bring about real change that is felt within; not simply to perpetuate a church system that may need to evolve.
  • Ministries in Transition: Finding a new Mission purpose is part of the process; Not always just finding a new Mission Statement.

One Example: A church that has arrived at their own mission-centric model shows us this: Our Mission should be Transforming Lives: Inspiring People to make a positive difference in our world…

If there is no vehicle or system of measurement in place, then your statement and mission may be too vague or nebulous. But if there is a purpose and a system in place where real change is felt by all who participate, there is an added dimension of fulfillment and positive transformation.

You should be able to measure if or how lives are transformed; or whatever the example to use for your Mission Centric new model. Unity of Tampa is now committed to instituting the changes that are listed above.

Modeling the changes, reaching beyond the traditional and fixed roles of minister and only on Sunday ministry models is something we are striving to create as our goal.  Tithing will be a natural part of our lives; and finding our purpose is the goal as we work to transform the lives of those around us to create the ideal model.  And finally, finding the tipping point of discovery will be the time to celebrate, when we realize we are living the mission-centric model that is transformative for all.

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