Growing Group Round-Up: Every week is Happiness Week!

Start 2022 with Positive Planning!

For the month of January, we have been talking about “Hope” as the theme. And there are so many ways that we can be hopeful rather than dour and unhappy with the outlook for our future.

One thing that I have recently done is to set up the “Positive Planning Workshop” in a promotion. I wanted to let people know that this program, offered at no cost, can be a great tool when you are actively working to make your life better.

Positive Planning with The Growing Group

Of course, I recommend The Growing Group as a positive planning tool, and that means the weekly action steps are a big part of that promotion! And although I cannot speak for everyone, I do use the exercises and the weekly mantra each week. It has proved to be a powerful tool in my own life; it helps me maintain focus and keep a steady outlook when I am discouraged or when things go wrong.

For those who follow us online, we also keep a positive outlook in the Growing Group magazine, where there are many expert voices, spiritual leaders and influencers who weigh in on the current challenges we all face.

For this month, the Growing Group begins the New Year with an article from The Atlantic, “Three Reasons to be Optimistic about the 2020’s.”  And naturally, the best of our own Monday Muse is highlighted with the feature: “The Best of Monday Muse. ”  This post can be used to pick out some mantras that may help you when you find yourself needing a boost.

 Highlights from The Growing Group Magazine

Each week is Happiness Week!


Last week, we celebrated, “Happiness Week” in the calendar. But as I told the Growing Group members on Facebook, each week is Happiness Week for those of us who are committed to growing as people and as compassionate human beings.

Let’s recommit ourselves to focus each week on our happiness and that of others in our lives and helping those we touch.

Mantra: This week, I commit each week to focus on some element of my own happiness and the happiness I can bring to others. I will work to improve my outlook and be hopeful. I will pledge to use mantras to start my day right, and I will commit to focus on looking at the Growing Group messages of patience and positive energy every week of the year!

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