Growing Group Roundup


Here’s a Round-up of the Best of Growing Group articles found in our magazine.

• A Morning Ritual
• Confidence comes when you nix these words
• Happiness lies with your own Personal Commandments
• The Key to Happiness and Longevity…Read on
• Quotes: To live by, to relax by- and words of wisdom from Walt Whitman

Some of the ways we grow are the little things that we do in our morning routine that can help us to make our lives easier. Morning rituals are important routines for both men and women, for parents and for young adults and students to look for small pockets of time to build in confidence builders and personal rituals that calm us and help keep us grounded

There are unconscious ways we can defeat our best efforts to advance our careers and our lives when we use defeatist language and work to destroy all the hard-won advances we carve out to move forward and grow.

Find your own set of Personal Commandments. In the Goals Book, we talk about the Core Values and the Five branches of the Vision Tree where you will begin to build your own set of commandments.

Sometimes the simplest of things may lead to happiness and longevity...find out when you read this article.

Some favorite Quotes for us this month come with the words of wisdom of Walt Whitman. Other favorites will be useful to use in your journaling for relaxation and for your own set of personal commandments-words to live your life by.

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