How to talk to the ‘other side’ about Politics

I keep in my mind  a picture of my friends who are on the other side of the aisle constantly when I am angered about something that the administration has done or about their policies. Not because I feel I should blame them for all the faults and disagreements, but to keep in mind they have another way of looking at the same issues. We may not be right all the time, or wrong all the time, but we know that we share some common ground on many things.

We all want what is best for the democracy. Lord knows, getting there is a battle, but we are all in the same boat. If there is a disaster, I call my friends for support and advice. They call me when they need help, or they know they can ask a favor. We don’t shun each other because we are in different political parties, and we are on the other side of the aisle. That’s the way it should work.

Some of my friends are older, and are not on the constant drumbeat of Twitter and Facebook. I don’t post overtly political messages on my personal FB page. I try to moderate my tone, and I don’t use foul language or call the other side nasty names. If I’m angry, and want to storm and rail, I do it in the privacy of my own home, where only my dogs or my mother, who feels as I do, can hear. I vent at meetings with friends and colleagues who feel as I do.

But when there is a national crisis, and one of my best friends calls to talk about it, I LISTEN to her. I don’t call her names, and I don’t interrupt (or try not to.) I try to remember to temper my anger about some of the more egregious policy decisions, and to moderate my language. But I DO vent…..

We need to know how to get along with the other side. Some of the hot button issues are: Abortion, Immigration, Racial issues, Income Inequality and Military Defense/Foreign Affairs. In the coming weeks we will talk about some of these issues that are in play during the fall election season, and are volatile campaign issues that we habitually disagree about.

Hope to hear from you on both sides of the aisle, From Red State/Blue State America, till we meet again, peace to all-ML

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