Kindness can be Habit Forming

Making Kindness a Habit

All of us are much too busy most days, and that gives us very valid reasons for not paying attention to those who may need our help.  And we feel guilty at times for unintentionally neglecting those people who may need our encouragement every week. For that reason, it is a good idea to just keep a short list in mind of things we can do that are simple and easy ways to form a habit of being kind.  It’s the best way to begin to add kindness to your daily routine.

Making Kindness a Habit

We can begin to find empathy for others when we stop and simply realize that most of the people who are having problems are not that far removed from our own lives and challenges.  We at times pause to express our thanks, on special days reserved for family or for specific groups such as veterans or teachers or service-providers. We make a habit of pausing and thanking people who have helped us. Why not make kindness a habit in your life?

When we learn to use compassion in our lives as a tool for making decisions and also for allowing ourselves to keep an open mind and heart, we learn that kindness is not something that will make us weaker, but in the end will shore us up and allow us to become stronger and more resilient.

Here is a quick checklist of tips to use to incorporate Kindness into your daily life:

Kindness Checklist

  • Easy: Put short notes for your children or your spouse to find with loving thoughts
  • Easy: Listen…just listen without talking or inserting your opinion sometimes
  • Easy: Text someone to tell them how much you appreciate them
  • Easy: When cooking dinner, make an extra portion for someone who lives alone
  • Easy: Be Kind to yourself. Each day write down 3 or 4 things for which you are grateful.
  • Easy: Buy a funny card to make a friend laugh.
  • Easy: Post positive sticky notes for yourself, your family, at work or in the car Inspire!
Join us each week!

Here is another way to make kindness become a habit that sticks. Download The Kindness Booklet and join us weekly for The Growing Group. The only warning we have is that kindness may become habit-forming!

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