Lent: A Time for Rebirth and Starting Over!

Lent is a time when we think of spring. Walt Whitman called it ‘the ever-returning spring.’ With the celebration of the holiest of days on the Christian calendar, which is the resurrection of Christ, we can also associate the Lent season with rebirth and the springing forth of new growth.

It is a wonderful time to cast off old doubts and habits and to start anew. Even more so than the time we take in the beginning of the year to suddenly try and keep our promises to ourselves.  Our New Years Resolutions List somehow seems hopelessly flawed with stops and starts as we start a New Year.

When we turn to spring, we can always have a reboot. It’s a much better time to plan and to think of the seeds of growth we would like to plant. 6 Degrees Growing Group has a planner and a weekly set of exercises to use for your new start as you go forth.

Resolutions are often made just to be broken. But positive planning and realizing we have a chance to start over and be forgiven our past failings and defaults is a wonderful bonus when we think of the true meaning of Christianity. We are all flawed, we are all human, and we have the same wonderful inner ability to forgive and forget and to rejoice and to start over!

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