Lent Series: Reminder to all on the Judgment of Nations

God is a Circle

St Augustine: God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. If the center is everywhere, it is where you are. You are the center of the universe, the center of God.

Somehow, I’m not seeing this as a self-centered and narcissistic statement.  Instead, I believe it’s a view of the notion that we are God-Centric. And with God working to create a better world, we must begin within ourselves. Neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends, families helping other families in need, and so it goes that in helping others, we can begin today. That is the way that we can create a better world one step at a time.

Thinking of the people in Ukraine, and the ones that we need to help who are in need, it suddenly makes more sense to hear Jesus’ voice in scripture talking about the Judgment of Nations:

Just as you do to the least of these…so you do it for me..” Matthew 25:40

On April 22nd, on Earth Day, you can sign up to become part of the members who will invoke the National Climate Prayer. Here is an excerpt from it:

…We pray that love & wisdom might inspire my actions and our actions as communities so that we may look into the eyes of brothers and sisters…and truthfully say we are doing our part to care for them and the future of the children.

May love transform us and our world with new steps towards life.

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