Lenten Series: The Local Food Movement

Thou hast given him dominion over the works of thy hands, thou hast put all things under his feet Psalm 8:6

We have spoken in past weeks of the blessings of clean water, and of being mindful of our own carbon footprint.  We are thinking now of the food we eat and the blessings we have for abundance. And though we complain of simple food supply chain interruptions that may deprive us of a few items, none of our basic needs have been threatened as they are as those faced with starvation and no hope or promise of relief with needed supplies.

Christian Food Movement

This week in our Lenten series, there is a simple request to make…Learn where your food comes from. If you do not know anything about what foods are found locally or are available in your region, find out more. The Christian food movement was created to identify how Christians across the country are making a difference through food. Find out more about this trend at the Christian Food Movement link.

Begin your own process of thinking about not just where your food comes from, but how your garments are manufactured. If you can, choose to shop for some items, even clothing, at secondhand shops rather than buying everything new in the disposable society we live in today.  And to extend that mindset further, research how to give away unneeded clothes, bakeware, and other goods to people who could use them. The next step is to find ways to rethink, reuse, and recycle other items. Learn more at the website provided here. www.earth911.com.

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