Monday Mojo for January: Finding Purpose in your life

           Finding Purpose

For this week, the key words are Finding Purpose…Balance…& Possibility.

Finding Purpose

We hear about that elusive pursuit of happiness, so important in our lives, and so elemental a part of our existence that it’s even embedded in the Constitution. Finding our way in life and finding our purpose is one of the basic tenets that leads to the state of happiness. The Growing Group was so named to allow for the growth in our lives. And with that feeling of happiness and healthy self-esteem comes the growth that can lead us to our true purpose and calling. When we learn to serve others, or find our purpose through trials by fire, we often appreciate and treasure the small pleasures in life so much more.


It’s hard to find the right balance in our own lives, and yet we hear not only of the elusive pursuit of happiness, but also that we need to achieve balance in our lives. Well, the order of the universe doesn’t always unfold in terms that can be measured on a scale for us to maintain balance as if it were a fast-food meal. The balance we seek comes from within.  Often this may be achieved in those moments of quiet reflection where we can look for guidance from within. These are the spiritual moments where we feel God’s spirit working within us. When we learn to stop expecting things and instead, simply work to deal with that which is unfolding around us, then we can seek a template for finding balance from within.


We have often heard that with God, all things are possible. And at times, solutions to life’s most difficult problems may arrive in some surprising and unexpected ways. When we decide to loosen the restraints of our own limited expectations that we place upon ourselves, we can then unloose the bounds of creativity and explore new paths and exciting outcomes that we would never have thought were possible. It’s a fitting reminder that all things are possible in God’s world.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose-Romans 8:28

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