Monday Mojo for November to December

                 For November to December


Mantra: I will give my gifts with a mindful spirit of giving back more than I receive-in terms of my own commitment to others. When I do receive gifts, I will be gracious and understanding of the spirit in which gift-giving is meant. I commit myself to understanding my responsibilities and higher obligations to self and to my dreams, my endeavors, and the promises I must keep.


So much emphasis this month is on the idea of Giving. We are going to have a “Giving” Tuesday this month, where people commit to giving something back. And that is a nice thought, as so many of us probably think: Why can’t it be like this every week? Well, the answer is it can be if we choose to make it so. Because many people do nothing but give back. Others don’t think of what their service is in terms of a ‘gift.’ But the most precious gifts we give are of ourselves, our time and our love. We can give those gifts each day, and we do. Now when we think in terms of giving to others, let’s make a conscious effort to make each week one where we set aside time for giving-of ourselves and to ourselves. The gift of love is one that keeps on giving.


For the manner of receiving, we do need to learn how to accept gifts and compliments with grace. We need to think of small gifts and the time that it takes an individual to consciously remember us and to give a gift. And in celebrating our own worth, and that of others, we need to keep the value of the gift in mind as that which is intended in the spirit of giving rather than the monetary cost of the gift. The spirit of giving and the intent is what makes the Christmas season a special one. It’s a time where we catch up with old friends and look back on the year past. And in this case, we can celebrate that we made the hard trip through this year and that we are coming to the close of a particularly difficult year!


Finally, we think of the commitments we make to ourselves and others throughout the year. And the sacrifices to those things we hold to be the most important in our lives. When we commit to the things of the spirit, and to care for ourselves and others, we are always mindful of the fact that we are Children of God. Our anchor is our own faith and commitment to our core beliefs and to our love for one another. Those are commitments we all make. As Bob Dylan wrote: “You got to serve somebody,” the realization comes to mind that the most powerful among us have to serve and to make commitments to many people and to many things in the course of their day. That is why we all can realize that commitments are a strong bond that binds us together in this life. When we commit to our own faith and our belief in ourselves, that is an unbreakable bond and a steadfast anchor for our soul.

The measure you give will be the measure you get back- Luke 6:38


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