Monday Motivationals

Monday Mojo for November week 3


Monday Motivationals

The theme for November is Blessings! All month long we can think of others who are not feeling blessed in their lives when they cope with sickness, loss of loved ones or loss of their livelihoods. There has been much pain and suffering for those around us this year as we live in a time of a Global Pandemic.

When we know that there is reason for us to be thankful, then we can persevere. The words for this week are  Affirmations…Moving Forward…& Resilience. With each of these comes a personal story for those who have suffered loss and pain, yet somehow manage to move forward and find the strength & resilience to carry on!


For the Affirmations that we hear and read around us, we may sometimes think they are for others, but they really aren’t doing anything to help me, personally. The point of the affirmation is not always for those who say and spread them to automatically assume they will take hold and bring peace and light to someone’s life, they are meant to share to help someone who needs to affirm their own pain and ability to cope.

When I started writing the Affirmations for the church I worked at, they were always written out by rote and automatically shared. But somewhere along the way, they have begun to help me on my own personal journey. I have been working to set up a small business and the affirmations have helped tremendously whenever I’ve been beset with doubt and negative thoughts.

I take the weekly Mantra, which has been put together from the three words that are used as affirmations, and I then keep the Mantra and exercises next to my desk. Each morning they help to lift me up and affirm whatever project or plan I pursue. The purpose of the affirmation, whether we speak or say or think it or write it down, is to help move us forward in our thinking. They can help us become ‘unstuck’ in our own thought patterns when we hit a roadblock. And it helps me to choose my own words with care, as I learn to speak with more certainty, more clarity, and to affirm my own thoughts and deeds.

Move Forward

In order to move forward, it is sometimes helpful to take a step back. When we step back and then reassess and observe the things that we have chosen to see, and then widen our lens to encompass that which we may have missed, then our outlook changes. When we acquire the ability to look at things in a different light, from a different perspective, or talk to someone who may have a new insight into an old problem, we can learn and heal. And when we make new choices to move forward rather than to dwell in the past, we see things in a new and positive light. We can affirm our lives and our new beginnings.


Resilience is the stuff that makes us stronger and more flexible. It helps us to weather changes in our lives that have become a regular part of our existence. When we learn to bend, we learn resilience. Resilience is the word for all of us as we move together through the end of the Pandemic and learn to adapt. Grounding ourselves with a spiritual focus we can affirm:

Mantra: I am made to be flexible yet strong in this changing time. I am moving forward in my life, doing things to help me grow and affirming my own choices each day.


              Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.- Psalm 51:10

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