Monday Mojo for November

Monday Motivationals

For November, our theme is the many blessings we find in our lives. For this week, we focus on the key words of Humility, Renewal and Love-for ourselves and for others.

Humility is the part of my life that is centered around others. The place where I am humbled when I contemplate the stillness; and to find the ability to look with fresh eyes and find a renewed perspective-when we hear of the struggles of others and also the sacrifices made by others for our lives. Those ancestors we know from our own family history, and the sacrifice of blood others have made for the rights we take for granted-the right to vote; the many freedoms we possess, and the right to worship as we please all fill me with a sense of humility and renewal.

This sense of renewal brings fresh appreciation to our lives. As we vote this week, and go through another election season where people are weary of the fights, we realize that there is a chance for renewal. We can reaffirm the things that we all believe in as fellow members of the human race. Sacrifices we all have made for our families, our love for each other, and a chance to renew our belief in the ideals many fought and died for come to mind.

Love for ourselves and others is a major blessing in our lives. When we learn to love generously and fully, we are lifted up and inspired to share that love. When we are unable to even love ourselves, it is something that hinders our ability in life to find a full heart to love openly and completely. We need to practice the ability, not to love ourselves without reflection, but the ability to love the inner person who uses their lives to the fullest extent, without fear or guilt or anger controlling their actions. With a no holds barred renewal of the love we have inside, we can do great things. With God’s love and our own love in life to back it up, we are humbled by the universe, and exalted by the possibilities that exist for us.

Mantra; This week, I am aware of the many sacrifices that our ancestors have made to give us our freedoms and our rights to vote and to express our ideas openly. I am humbled by the sacrifices of others, and energized to work towards finding new goals in the coming year. I will strive to love others as well as I love myself, and to love myself and forgive and accept myself as I am today-  a humble servant of God living in the moment.

For this week, here’s the Kindness Booklet we offer at 6 Degrees for all who need a little bit of extra kindness these days!

This week: On Monday & Tuesday, I am going to center my thoughts and find a way to look beyond any partisan intent in the upcoming Election. Instead, thinking of the history of those who fought for the right to vote, it’s a humbling experience to know that the things we often take for granted as a right and a privilege for many are sacred ideals to fight and die for. The stillness of the moment makes me aware of the sacred rights.

Wednesday & Thursday:  After the results are in, and even before, I will let out a sigh and a deep breath of relief to bring closure to the process. And the list of things to do in the coming year give me a sense of renewal for projects that have been left by the wayside. I will make a list of things I have in common with those who don’t agree with my politics; and send it to my friends when the time is right.

Friday & Weekend: With a sense of humility and renewal, I will make a list of those who fought and died for our rights. And I will make a list of intent for those things I need to do to help myself and others. There are things I need to forgive myself for and those things I need to accept in myself and others. Are there ways I can work to become more like my ancestors who fought and died for the country and for freedom? I will make a list and a plan to become that humble servant of God.

I will satisfy the weary, and all who are faint I will replenish- Jeremiah 31:25

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