Monday Mojo for the First week of October

Mantra: My prosperous life begins with Love that permeates my entire being, driving out doubt, sadness and fear; leaving an attitude of gratitude and a sense of purpose in the divine order.


I remind myself that prosperity is not about what car I drive, the clothes I wear, or my social status. A prosperous life begins within.. (DW) I must allow my Mantra to become a daily habit, and remember the phrase of “having an attitude of gratitde’ without simply mouthing the empty words.  Abundance from within will be a feeling of trust, not of lack in my life…

Finding your Center:

Life is synonymous with God. When I allow Love to permeate my entire being, it becomes a powerful force, driving out doubt, sadness or fear (DWord) I will acknowledge love to be the driving force in my life from this day forward. If I can allow love to permeate my thoughts and actions, it will be a major shift in my life, and a sea change that will only make my life’s journey better in all respects.

Finding Purpose

The human mind may devise many plans, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will be established. – Proverbs 19:21

We sometimes ask ourselves as humans : Why are we here?…I choose to live my life with purpose. From a place of spiritual awareness, there is direction from a ‘divine compass’… If we acknowledge that we are here by divine appointment, the rest sorts itself out according to divine order.

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