Monday Motivationals

Monday Mojo for Week 4 in October


                                       Faith…Thinking of others…Healing yourself

While reading the Daily Word, we read that through Faith,I am centered and guided every step of every day.” Those of you who know me know I love movies. I recently watched the Indiana Jones movie where Indiana is asked to literally step off a ledge and have faith that a step would magically appear. Of course, it did! But we are asked each day to step off a ledge in some respects as we must learn to have faith. We must learn that Faith in ourselves and believing in others takes a force of will and energy. Especially as we know, there are times when people can let us down and we tend to lose faith in others and in ourselves. Life can sometimes beat us down, as with the Willy Loman character in “Death of a Salesman.” But if we understand faith to mean something more than just a pat phrase to use, but instead to use our faith to make creative and new choices in our lives, then we can bring about a new understanding of the word Faith in our lives.

When we think of others in our conscious acts as we move through the day, we see that our lives are a process of giving and receiving. And when we share our time, our love, and our talents with others, the positive waves of energy will begin to create ripples in our lives. Each day, when we go forth into the work world, we should take a moment to center our thoughts and find that presence of spiritual awareness that helps to focus us. And when we interact with others, we know that there exists a spirit of love and gratitude within us that can help sustain our souls as we greet others each day.

We need to process the thought that we cannot help to heal others, our own children, or our partners, if we cannot learn to heal ourselves. Our body and our mind can be something we learn to care for and nurture. The words “Self-love” are something we hear about a lot lately. That could mean something that is narcissistic or self-centered; or it can mean that you turn from a past where you may have abused your mind and body with dark thoughts and careless behavior. When you, as an individual, decide to change your life around, it can be difficult if you have in the past abused your body with alcohol or drugs or thoughtless behavior. But it also can be as simple as deciding that the spirit within you can partner to become your all-powerful healer.

Make that commitment today.

Your Mantra: My spirit and my soul within is the all-powerful healer in my life. Every day, I will center my thoughts and be aware of the energy I create when I share my time, my talents, and my love with others. I have faith in myself to step off that ledge and know God is with me every step of the way.

I am the Lord who heals you-Exodus 15:26


For this week; Here are the Exercises:

Monday & Tuesday: Find a way to ‘step off the ledge’ to do something that you may have once feared. Having faith in yourself is a big component in life; and when you find that you take even a small step towards conquering a fear and setting a goal for yourself, you are halfway there

Wednesday & Thursday: Before we leave for work and interact with others, take a moment to center your focus. Concentrate on your time, talent and passion for helping others in your life. Write down, on paper or journal or computer email, the list of ways that you can and do give of your time and talents to help others. It’s a way to help create the energy and focus you need to move forward

Friday through the Weekend: Finally, Focus on healing from within. Take time to be silent in the moment over the weekend, to think of how you felt when you did something that made you feel good. Exercise, or a spa treatment, or even a nap or something that helped to heal you. Write down a list of goals for things to make you feel better in the next few months, especially during the Pandemic! Make a habit of checking back to know you can ‘heal thyself’ from within!

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