Monday Mojo from The 6 Degrees Writer: Grace…Forgiveness & Perspectives

Mantra: I am growing in God’s grace and understanding the amazing grace more each day; my burden becomes lighter as I forgive myself and others; and I will perceive my life every day through a wider lens to open my heart and mind to healing and the amazing Grace I find in God’s love.

By Grace we are saved. Through the grace of God, we are all saved. It’s amazing how much we say we love the song, “Amazing Grace” and how little we actually understand the concept in which it is sung!  By Grace we are all saved, and we always look at the word from the perspective of God’s grace towards us. The author Eric Butterworth explains grace by saying with God’s desire for your grace-‘…you always reap more good than you sow. THIS is grace.” If Grace is God’s gift to us, we need to extend the courtesy in our lives to others. We need to grow in God’s grace, and to then focus on the healing and guiding presence of His grace in our lives. Finally, we need to extend that grace to others.

Forgiveness is a major part of extending this grace. It is a powerful act to be able to forgive others. Perhaps the most powerful recent example was from the parishioners of the Emanuel AME Episcopal Church in Charleston who forgave the young man who shot and killed the church members while they worshiped one evening. It was an amazing act of grace and forgiveness that only those who practice their faith and follow the teachings of Jesus might comprehend fully. If they can forgive someone who commits such a horrific act of violence, why cannot we forgive others who do less than this to us? And even further, why cannot we forgive ourselves as we are all  Children of God? We are all mortal, and we all have failings. We can live at peace when we are able to touch on this….

Finally, the Perspective in which we look at ourselves and our lives is part of our own journey in spiritual healing. Remember the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the climactic moment when Scout stands on the porch of Boo Radley?  She finally realizes she can see things from his perspective. We need to open ourselves to dealing with our lives, our grievances, and our sorrows in this prism of different perspectives. When we can see the world through another lens, just for a few moments in time, we begin the process of healing and spiritual awakening

Your Exercises for this week: 

Monday & Tuesday: I will read the words of Amazing Grace with a different lens; using the words as part of my mantra to understand what it is to know grace and then to bestow grace upon others;

Wed & Thursday: I will focus on forgiveness; past grievances I hold; I will take a stone and let it go; dropping the heavy load from my own body and soul; then writing down the sins of my past either on paper or in my head; and then dropping the stone; will let the past go with a forgiving touch of the hand to your heart

Friday through the Weekend: Growing in God’s grace, I will literally stand and figuratively feel the perspective of others as I begin to perceive things from a different angle or lens-looking at perceptions of things in that way, where issues such as politics or religion may take on a different tone. I work to forgive, to extend God’s grace, and then to perceive my life through a different lens, as I heal and grow in God’s love.

Whoever is from God hears the words of God-John 8:47

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