Monday Mojo: Searching for that Higher Love

Monday Mojo
            Seeking a Higher Love

Steve Winwood’s song included the phrase: “ Bring me a higher love...” We hear often of the divine order of things, and of trusting in our highest good to unfold. How do we find that righteous path and the higher good? In most cases, it is something that will naturally unfold, but not as some grand moment of illumination with trumpets blaring and a beam of light appearing to light our path. In our quiet moments of reflection, and in stillness or meditation we sometimes can look at things in a different light or perspective. In these moments, we can often look back and find a sense of closure or spiritual release that helps to move us forward. When we are older, when we look back and realize we are moving into a new phase of our lives, we often can find joy and strength in the path that leads us to trust our highest good will unfold.

Becoming that “Tower of Strength”

Charles Fillmore, the founder of Unity Church,  suggested that you should‘…affirm yourself to be the tower of strength, within and without.”  We have all been called upon at times in our life to be the one who is the “tower of strength.’ My friends, when they lost their father, described him as the “rock’ that held their family together. When we have a strong belief in ourselves and the knowledge, not that we are right all the time, but that God is right, make it possible for us to find this inner strength that is so highly regarded. The fact that we have divine guidance and a surety of purpose when we appeal to a higher power in our lives to find the right solutions to our daily problems is key to our strength. It is the bedrock and foundation where we draw our  inner strength in life. Whatever awaits us, we can meet the day with confidence knowing there is help and support for our difficult decisions ahead.

Wisdom from a Higher Good

Wisdom sometimes follows us when we look within ourselves. We call on the higher power of goodness and strength from within to meet the challenges before us each day. Prayer and meditation can always help us reach that core of strength and wisdom. If we go to bed at night with hard problems left unsolved, there are times we can wake up with a different solution or path laid before us. We find what we were seeking through our own inner strength and wisdom from a higher good. Proverbs tells us it is better to get wisdom than gold! We look throughout this holiday season to find the answers to difficult problems in our life through our own quest for wisdom and strength with the help of a higher good.

Mantra: I will seek answers to the hardest questions I face when I am still and quiet, in meditation and in prayer. The inner strength I draw from will lead me to the higher good; and I will ask for wisdom in my words and deeds as I go through the days ahead.

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