Monday Mojo: The Keys to the Kingdom this Christmas Season

     Finding the Keys to the Kingdom


Power is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts we have. In life, those who have power and wield power wisely do so with the understanding that they are working on behalf of others and often with divine guidance from God. Those who have misused power have done so and often lived to regret it. That is something that the Greeks understood when they wrote plays dealing with all powerful Gods and those who would thwart their will. When we talk of power, we also should speak of love for others and a humility born out of the power to serve others. When we hear the song: “I’ve got the power!” shouted in exultation, then we should also think of the concept from Bob Dylan’s prophetic song: “You gotta serve somebody.” Meaning that whoever you are, there is someone or some Thing that you are bound to serve. With great power also comes great responsibility in the eyes of God.


With Peace, there is the understanding of the ways to find true happiness. The ‘keys to the kingdom’ in this life, seen in our bible verse from Matthew this week, comes when we are at peace with ourselves and our destiny. At Christmas time there is the beautiful hymn that speaks of the Silent Night where all is calm, and all is bright. When we reach a point of stillness, through meditation and through prayer where we can reflect on the quiet calm, we can think of the ways that peace may become a constant in our own lives. The possibilities of good, of doing for others and for finding calm in our relationships is why there is a need for the quiet calm of night where we think and reflect.  The Christmas season suggests that we find that place in our soul where we are ‘at peace’ with ourselves and the world.


Through understanding, all things are possible. Through prayer and meditation, we can find the peace and use the power of our own words and deeds to move forward in our lives. Charles Fillmore, Unity Church’s founder, called Understanding one of the 12 divine powers that lives within each of us. We have seen those with a greater sense of understanding, of comprehending problems, and we see that they have a finer control over their own actions and an ability to lead others. If we learn to use our own powers of thought to tamp down the negative thinking of the past and focus on the positive and the possibilities of our future, we will create an atmosphere within our own lives that can become a permanent space to create success and positive ideas.

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 16:19

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