Monday Muse: Blooms for Spring and Puppy Love!

            Blooms and Puppy Love


One of my favorite metaphors for Christian living is talking about the Church’s one strong foundation. In the hymn, we find that the foundation is Jesus himself. And in Jesus’ parable, the one who builds his house on rock, using a strong foundation, is the one who succeeds. In building your house on solid rock, you will then find that wonderful things can happen.

And so it is with gardeners who also use good soil and supplement their plants with water and clean air and sunlight as they watch their gardens bloom. It is the perfect way to think of our own lives when we want to grow an idea or achieve an ambition. Without a strong foundation, and a good plan that includes lots of nourishment from those who help us along the way, our gardens will founder and wither away. And so it is with this in mind that leads us to the thought of blooms blossoming throughout the seasons. When we plant flowers, think of our own ideas and goals as those flowers in the garden of our hearts and minds where we need to spend the time to nourish our creative thoughts and our long-term goals to make them bloom and come to life!

Puppy Love is True Love

6 Degrees Writer

There was an old fifties song that talked about “Puppy Love.” And in it, the singer laments that this is NOT a puppy love. It’s the same way we feel about our pets. The love we have for our animals can say a lot about us. And during the pandemic, I was comforted to know so many did adopt animals as they were at home to help nourish them along and to help them bloom into wonderful pets. Animals do need to be tended, to be assimilated into our families as we learn their habits and they learn ours. And the love that we have for them, as in turn the deep and abiding love they give to us, is the reward for all the little hiccups along the way in terms of owning a pet. In truth, our puppy love is more of an “Everlasting Love.”  And it can teach us about ways to love that we may never have known before we owned a pet.


I’m thinking of the many different ways we may be invigorated by things. For example, the Affirmations that we have used in our Monday MuseLife Coach March Excerpt: The Parable of the Rock each week always serve to invigorate me. The Mantras too; I  will use them weekly to remind me of promises I make and to invigorate my own work. Holidays tend to invigorate those of us who follow the Christian faith. The Easter Season is one of renewal and promise, and the Christmas Season and New Year all are meant to invigorate and restore our purpose.

Every now and then, we need a reminder in our lives that there is so much to do and think and feel in our lives that gives us purpose and hope and strength. Looking at the children and grandchildren each day that surround our family group is the daily reminder that our lives will be invigorated with new hope and promise. That is the reason we need to learn to forgive and forget, to find strength and then to share our love and our light each day. When we find that hope and purpose in our lives, we are uplifted by a spirit within and invigorated by the promise of hope we find with help from the Lord above.

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father-comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word- 2 Thessalonians 2:16:17

Mantra: I will think of ways that ideas will bloom in my own head and heart when I see a spring plant or as I work in the garden. And I will say a blessing, as St Francis did, for the animals that help us heal and to teach us ways to love one another. And finally this week, I am going to think of the ways I am invigorated each day and the tools I use when I feel discouraged. I will use these to recharge my own flagging will from time to time.

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