Monday Muse: Conquering Doubt with Confidence Cues

Confidence cues
        Conquering Doubt

Conquering Doubt

If God doesn’t exist, as the character in Dostoyevsky is lamenting, then “…how is he going to be good without God? That’s the question. I always come back to that. For whom is man going to love then? To whom will he be thankful? To whom will he sing the hymn?…”

This passage illustrates how doubt is everywhere in life. We are all filled with doubt over so many things. But particularly, it’s usually ourselves that we doubt the most.  Or we doubt our own ability to conquer the fears and the everyday challenges we face. And as Dostoyevsky’s character asks: “Who do we go to when we doubt?”

Conquering Doubt is a spiritual hope and prayer that we wish for, usually on a daily basis. One of my favorite passages from the Bible is in Psalms. It is my go-to Mantra when I face many doubts and fears.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help…My help cometh from the Lord, Maker of Heaven & Earth-He will not let your foot slip…” That passage is from Psalm 121 and tells of the great faith that man has always placed in our God to carry us through. Doubt is part of life, and the way to conquer it starts from within.

           Confidence & Well-Being!

Confidence Cues

Confidence Cues is the phrase that I landed upon for some of the tools to offer people in the Growing Group. It’s a way to help people with particular doubts and fears that we all face. It could be changing jobs or making a life transition, but there are times we need some confidence spurs to lend us courage. The cues we receive here, in the Growing Group family are part of the weekly motivational push to help focus our mind during the busy weeks and months,

And that is why there are certain passages, as with Psalm 121, that are especially helpful as we work to help others and to move forward with our goals. It’s always a good idea to have a small library of confidence cues to just thumb through when you need an extra jolt of mojo. The Confidence Cues can lend us an energizing burst of courage. I like to think of our group as creating a kind of warm spiritual hug each week as a way for all of us to keep faith with our individual plans and ideas.

Conquering Doubt


Well-Being can mean different things to different people. It can be about your physical health and your spiritual and emotional health as well. The Brown Bag Organics tools that we use in the Growing Group encourage all of us to be aware of the mind/body connection.

I admit there are times when I am busy when all I want to do is just eat junk food and then curl up in a fetal position. COVID was one of those times when it felt the world was just going off its axis.  So what does it matter if you eat right or exercise? Those are times in our life when we need to be aware of our emotional well-being and realize it’s not simply a matter of diet and exercise.

Well-Being is about the centered focus and inner peace that we often speak of. We talked about ways to find our calm center last week. And there was a suggestion for a worry bead, or a cross or smooth stone that we may use as a touch stone for our need to find that calming place within.

Your well-being begins with the need to face your fears and to conquer doubt. And then to seek that calm center and inner peace by affirming the need for confidence and faith in our own actions and ideas. The first step is the hardest, and the journey is one we are all on….Let’s all take that first step together starting today!

Mantra: I will think of the times I have doubted myself, and the things that I have done to help conquer the doubts and fears. My Confidence cues will be with me each step of the way as I begin the journey. And my well-being will become a holistic choice that I seek, through the quiet of meditation and the need for healing and calm to face new challenges each day.

Bible Verse: I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help…My help cometh from the Lord, Maker of Heaven & Earth-He will not let your foot slip…”- Psalm 121

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