Monday Muse: Good Advice from wise Counsel

In keeping with our theme of charity and giving, there is a poem that is found in the Classics Devotion Bible that is an ‘exhortation’ of a father to his children. It speaks not only of charity, but of all the ways that a parent may want their child to conduct him or herself as they grow to be adults.

It reminds me much of the one that is written by Bob Dylan that tells his children to stay “Forever Young.” Dylan begins by asking God to bless and keep them always in his good favor. In this piece, the man, Robert Smith, gives wise advice to his children as he asks them to honor God. In part, he tells them:

Exhortation of a Father to his Children

…Possess not pride in any wise,

Build not your house too high,

But have always before your eyes

That ye are born to die.

Defraud not him that hired is,

Your labor to sustain,

But give him always out of hand,

His penny for his pain

And as you would that other men

Against you would proceed,

Do you the same to them again

When they do stand in need.

And part your portion with the poor

In money and in eat;

And feed the fainted feeble soul

With that which ye should eat.

And counsel always of the wise,

Give ear unto the end,

Refuse not, you the sweet rebuke

Of him that is your friend.

Be thankful always to the Lord,

With prayer and with praise,

Desiring him in all your works

For to direct your ways.”

For all of us who are working to think of the true reason for the holiday season of giving and miracles and working to find goodness in our hearts and in others-this is for you. And I am hoping all will have a safe and happy and memorable holiday season filled with friends and family and fun!

Mantra: This week, I am working harder to bring a cheerful message to those around me. Keeping in mind the adage that God “loves a cheerful giver” I will strive to find ways to bring hope and cheer to myself and others this week. The counsel from this week I’ll take to heart. Finding ways to help those in need, and listening to good advice (even that which I don’t want to hear!) is part of my resolve for this season.

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